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Reform Security Council

Issues and Reports

  • The conflict in Democratic Republic of the Congo

  • The issue of the jurisdiction of the UN Peacekeeping Force

Our Committee Mentors

Mr. Taggart


As the Head Chair of the Reform Security Council, I had the opportunity to meet two committee mentors who helped me to enlarge my perspective on the general conference and the role of a chair. My first meeting was with Mr. Taggart, an IBDP Mathematics Teacher, who is also an Enrichment Coach and Basketball Coach. While Mr. Taggart had not previously been involved in UNISMUN, he shared his college experience in MUN, sharing amusing anecdotes and challenges he faced during the conferences.


However, recognizing Mr. Taggart's extensive experience in working with a diverse and large body of students, our conversation naturally diverted toward the key roles and responsibilities of a well-prepared conference chair. We identified two main categories in response to this: 1. Acquiring appropriate knowledge of the topics, and 2. Leading the committee to ensure a smooth flow of debate throughout the conference. Mr. Taggart provided valuable advice on both parts, including tips on conducting qualitative research for the chair report and effectively integrating and utilizing mentors in the process.


I believe that this guidance, with Mr. Taggart's generous offer of assistance, significantly enhanced the quality of the final chair report published on the UNISMUN website. With warm encouragement for the upcoming November conference, our meeting ended on a positive note.

Mr. Loynes


After the first mentor meeting, I was also able to meet with Mr. Loynes, an IBDP English teacher. Despite Mr. Loynes’ new engagement in MUN, he allowed me to develop insights on perceiving knowledge during research, in relation to his profession as an English teacher. 

Mr. Loynes’ issues of interest were the Russia-Ukraine and the Israel-Palestine War which are still taking place at this moment and are conflicts that put global peace and security at severe risk. Specifically taking into consideration the complex historical nature of both conflicts, we discussed the importance of accessing valid and unbiased sources while researching the topics. This is closely connected with the first topic of the Reform Security Council at this conference, as the conflict in Congo can also be interpreted from various perspectives, with all of them containing unbalanced views. Therefore, having this conversation of realizing the significance of ‘accurate research’ allowed me to be aware of the sources I am visiting during the course of writing the chair report. 

Additionally, in regards to this conference’s theme, How do we ensure sustainability through multilateral cooperation?, Mr. Loynes associated the significance of the theme with the issue of climate change. He mentioned the crucial importance of tight international cooperation to resolve or even prevent the ‘tipping point’ of an issue on such a global scale. 

Conclusively, the meeting I had with both of my mentors provided great opportunities for me to develop my holistic understanding and skills as a chair.

Head Chair

Se In Lee

스크린샷 2023-10-26 오후 8.26.01.png

Greetings esteemed delegates, chairs, directors, and guests.

My name is Se In Lee, a junior at the United Nations International School in Hanoi, and I am very honored to serve as the Head Chair of the Reform Security Council for the upcoming November 2023 conference.

This conference marks my third conference as a chair, and I am truly delighted to be a part of UNISMUN again, as I have gained very memorable and valuable experiences in previous years. 

The theme of this November conference, “How do we ensure sustainability through multilateral cooperation?”, highlights the importance of multilateral cooperation between nations, which is crucial for sustainability in connection with various issues such as global security and conflicts, the use of natural resources and climate change, human rights and equality. 

The two issues discussed in the Reform Security Council for this conference are:

  • The conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

  • The issue of the jurisdiction of the UN Peacekeeping Force

Alongside the Security Council, the Reform Security Council tackles issues related to international peace and security. Compared to the Security Council, despite the P5 (China, France, Russia, UK, USA) and their veto rights remaining the same, the Reform Security Council ensures a more equal representation by having Brazil, Germany, India, and Japan as additional permanent members. This allows the additional G4 nations to defeat vetos submitted by one of the P5 nations if 6 of the P9 members vote against it. I am looking forward to this unique structure of the Reform Security Council, which allows the debates to be in greater depth and with wider perspectives!

With all said, I strongly believe that this conference will be a great opportunity for any and all delegates and chairs to show growth through having a deeper dive into these topics and fruitful debates, but also by building meaningful experiences and memories. See you soon!

Deputy Chair

Nguyen An Thy

스크린샷 2023-10-26 오후 8.29.25.png

Dear distinguished delegates,


My name is An Thy, I am a sophomore at Delta Global School. This year, I am participating in the UNISMUN 2023 conference as a chair for the Reform Security Council. I had the opportunity to attend UNISMUN22 last year and this year I'm returning to UNISMUN23 as a chair, seeking to bring MUN and vital world issues closer to and more accessible to more teenagers in Viet Nam. 


This year’s theme “How do we ensure sustainability through multilateral cooperation?” is very much crucial to be considered in our today's world. Globalization is a double-edged sword for our world today, as it has harmed the world much more than we have expected. As global citizens, we have the responsibility to understand and be able to solve problems, ensuring the world can remain sustainable while adapting to the process of modernization. This year our committee will focus on two topics mentioning the conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo & the issue of the jurisdiction of the UN Peacekeeping Force. The interesting topics of this year's RSC committee will require in-depth research and understanding from delegates, thereby helping you have a broader view of current world issues. 


The United Nations framework, in what I believe, is critical to ensuring global peace, security, and sustainable development. It is therefore our shared responsibility to engage in educational and constructive discussions and work towards solutions that benefit all member states and global citizens. 


Let us all come to this conference with an open mind, an eagerness to listen to other's perspectives, and a desire to make a difference to the world. Thank you, and I look forward to a great conference ahead.

Procedural Chair

Donghan Kim

스크린샷 2023-10-26 오후 8.36.25.png

Greetings esteemed delegates, chairs, and directors, 

My name is Donghan Kim, a junior at the United Nations International School in Hanoi, and I am very honored to serve as the Procedural Chair of the Reform Security Council for the upcoming November 2023 conference. This is my 2nd conference serving as chair, and my 3rd year in MUN. We are coming together to address one of the most pressing challenges of our time: ensuring sustainability through multilateral cooperation.

The theme of this year's conference, "How do we ensure sustainability through multilateral cooperation?" signifies the urgency and complexity of the global issues we face. The need for sustainable development has never been more pressing in our society. In this conference, we aim to provide a debate in which your voices can be heard, ideas can be exchanged, and alliances can be formed on the following 2 issues:

  • The conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

  • The issue of the jurisdiction of the UN Peacekeeping Force

The issues we face today, ranging from conflicts, emerging security threats, necessitate a critical evaluation of the effectiveness and relevance of the United Nations Security Council. The Reform Security Council, in particular, is open for discussing and proposing necessary changes addressing these issues. 

With all said, I am grateful for having an opportunity to attend the November 2023 MUN conference as your proceeduring chair and will be looking forward to seeing your collaborative work and fruitful debates.

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