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Committees, Issues, and Reports

Security Council

  • The situation in Syria.

  • The situation in Afghanistan.

  • The question of Kurdistan.


Seoyeon Lee

SC_Head Chair_ Seoyeon Lee.jpg

Greetings directors, student officers, and delegates. I am Seoyeon Lee, a junior at UNIS Hanoi International School. I am truly honored to have the opportunity to participate in this year's conference as the president of the security council. This is my fourth year engaging in MUN, and my second time charing. From my last charing experience, I have been able to understand the needs of being a responsible chair, especially how I must keep the flow of the fruitful debate. To the best of my ability, I will try my best to provide guidance and support for anyone who is struggling. During our upcoming March conference, I look forward to an enjoyable yet formal committee, and by the end of our last day, I hope everyone has had a valuable experience through passionately debating on issues that are under the concern of people around the world. 

Deputy President

Minh Phong (Francis) Pham

SC - Deputy President - Minh Phong Pham.

Greetings, esteemed delegates, and a warm welcome to this year’s UNISMUN. My name is Phong Pham (I go by Francis), and it is my highest honor to be your Deputy President of the Security Council this year. This will be my ninth MUN conference overall and the third one I will be chairing. 


I applaud you for your decision to take on the Security Council, arguably the toughest committee in any MUN conference. Indeed, all three issues on our agenda this year are of the paramount importance to global peace. As such, I encourage you all to put the utmost effort into researching and presenting solutions to them, while also keeping an open mind for cooperation and international partnership. Should you run into any issues prior to or during the conference, please do reach out to myself or our President, and we will do everything in our power to assist you. 


I look forward to working with you all.

Faculty Mentor

Security Council;HeadChair;

Mr. Carlo Palusci has been an Individuals and Societies teacher for 9 years in UNIS, but his connection with MUN started long before he arrived in a United Nations School. Starting with activity clubs in New York, he gained interest in MUN in Italy, began actively involving in mentoring in Istanbul, Zurich, and finally became a MUN organizer here in Hanoi. 


He believes MUN is a valuable experience for students to acquire useful skills, such as researching and engaging in diplomacy. The considerably new and current issues dealt in conferences allow students to learn how to penetrate the sources to gain logical and credible information, especially in a world where fake news becomes embraced by leaders or large communities. Mr. Palusci asserts that students must understand the position they take and become a representative of a country to negotiate and find a commonality with others in order to resolve issues. Empathy is also a key factor he is looking forward for when students are debating so that delegates can understand others and protect their country at the same time. He recommends delegates to “be more emersed in a global understanding of differences as an UNIS school.”


Mr. Palusci was particularly attached to the issues assigned to the Security Council due to his experience in Turkey with the Kurdistan. His personal relationship with the group helped him realize how serious and desperate the situation Kurds were in. He believes all three countries have a strong link, considering the existence of an excluded member and denial of a culture. Although there may be conflicts and issues, “no matter what the difference is, continue all times to negotiate.”

Reform Security Council

  • The situation in Syria.

  • The situation in Afghanistan.

  • The question of Kurdistan.



Jeremy Smith

Reform Security Council_ President_ Jere

Esteemed Directors, Student Officers, Delegates, and Administration Staff, greetings and welcome to UNIS MUN XII. My name is Jeremy Smith and I am honoured to be serving as your President of the Reform Security Council. I am in 12th grade at UNIS and I am looking forward to completing my fourth year in UNIS MUN with this conference. I am looking forward to hearing productive debate and discussion on our committee’s topics; the issues facing us have significant impacts on millions of people worldwide, and it will not be easy to find viable and effective solutions. Nevertheless, I believe that this council will be up to the task, and that we will be able to find approaches to tackle the challenges of Syria, Afghanistan, and Kurdistan. I hope that everyone is not only prepared to work collaboratively, but also that you are excited and ready to have fun during the conference!

Deputy President

Mirae Kim

RSC - Deputy President - Mirae Kim.jpg

Esteemed Directors, student officers, delegates, and guests. I am Mirae Kim, a junior at Concordia International School of Hanoi.


I am more than honored to chair the Reform Security council and participate in the debate as a chair. This year is my second year in UNIS MUN and prior conference in November, as I have MUN experience in CISSMUN in ShangHai. Although I have many experiences participating as a delegate, this is my first time chairing. At first, MUN was a very frightening experience for me, and now I get used to it, MUN is more than just a debate; it is a place to become a great global citizen and involved in international issues. MUN is where you can develop socializing, researching, and get more interested in social issues.  My goal in this conference is to help everyone get involved and hope everyone has a good experience after this conference. I hope that everyone stays safe, and see you all at the March conference! See you!

Faculty Mentor

Reform Security Council; President; Jere


Mr. Stephan Anagnost has been an IB Global Politics, Economics, and Theory of Knowledge teacher at UNIS Hanoi for two years and is the faculty mentor for the UNIS MUN XII Reform Security Council. Mr. Anagnost has taught in IB schools for 13 years, and has also served in the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), as well as the UN Peacekeeping Operations and the mission in Kosovo.


Mr. Anagnost emphasized the importance of the issues on the agenda, and the very real impacts they have on significant numbers of people in our world. “Every single topic here speaks to the lives of millions and millions of people, both in terms of the topic itself, as well as the precedents set by the way in which we address the topic,” Mr. Anagnost said.


Mr. Anagnost expressed the importance of delegates keeping front and center the human nature of these issues, and noted that there is often a significant focus on the international relations and security aspects of MUN. “I would like us to really consider the human cost of inaction, and the human cost of thoughtless action.” he said. Mr. Anagnost cautioned delegates against taking the opportunity of the conference for granted and further emphasized the importance of dealing with the issues not only on an academic level, but on a serious, focused, human level.


Mr. Anagnost’s final message to the delegates was to remember to have fun, and he recalled his own experiences with the UN. “I loved getting up in the morning and working 17,18, sometimes 19 hour days,” he said. “I loved all of it, even the administrative things I had to do.” He hoped that all participants are enthusiastic and involved, and that they take this opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the world.

GA1 Disarmament and International Security Committee

  • On COVID-19 as a non-traditional threat to security.

  • On cybercrime as a threat to international security.

  • The question of the trade and proliferation of weapons for use globally & in outer space.


Head Chair

Seo Kyung (Sky) Yeom


Honourable Directors and Fellow delegates:

Hi there! I am Sky Yeom and I am more than excited to be your Head Chair of the First General Assembly. I am in the eleventh grade and am currently attending the United Nations International School of Hanoi. This will be my sixth year of doing MUN and my second time chairing at a conference. I am more than excited to chair a great conference and make sure it is a memorable experience for all delegates participating in the UNIS MUN March Conference.


With my best regards, I hereby implore you to challenge yourselves to the highest of your capacities as delegates at every stage of preparation and during this conference and to take your passion for solving critical global issues further than just MUN. With that said, I am looking forward to seeing you all in March for a fruitful debate.

Deputy Chair

Chae Na Kim

GA1 - Deputy Chair - Chae Na Kim.JPG

Greetings, distinguished delegates! My name is Chae Na. I am a senior at St. Paul American School Hanoi. 


I have participated in both national and international MUNs, in which from these experiences, I have learned to engage myself with the art of debate and meeting new people from all over the world with shared interest.


Having said that, I am very excited to oversee this year’s First General Assembly in the March UNIS MUN conference. I believe that the issues on the agenda are of the utmost importance and relevance in today’s world. I cannot wait to see everyone engage in fruitful debates and productive exchanges of ideas discussing these topics. I am looking forward to seeing you all in March!

Faculty Mentor

GA1;Head Chair; Seo Kyung (Sky) Yeom.jpe



As seen in the picture above, the Mentor for the First General Assembly is Cecil Mack. Mr. Mack is the Secondary School Tech Innovation Coach and has multiple jobs ranging from organizing computers to building cars for reality shows and finally has built a school in China starting from scratch. He has taught multiple different subjects and enjoys learning things. In his previous school he was in charge of building the artificial intelligence program. His main fascination is how culture changes in elections, cybersecurity, and space exploration.


Mr. Mack is most interested in the second topic which is about cybercrime. His thoughts on cybercrime is that it impacts everyone already and everyone is trying to do their own things, and there are no collective decisions which makes it hard for the global community to solve this issue as a whole. For international security and cybercrime most countries want to do what’s best for their people and take initiatives to do what benefits only their countries. However, we are all humans and it is crucial for us to be able to work together and solve these issues as Cybercriminals can spend years disrupting things. However, when they are caught, they get hired by security companies to use their skills and in the end showcase what they got caught for. Mr. Mack finds this very interesting especially cybercriminals such as Anonymous as no one knows where alliances lay and we won’t know the impact for years.


Finally Mr. Mack, who had previous experience with coordinating MUNs, wants every student to have a voice as it ‘takes a village to raise a child’, hope they get something unique out of this conference whether it be new friends or a new perspective, and finally wishes all delegates and chairs good luck.


GA2 Economic and Financial Committee

  • On the impact of COVID-19 on the global economy.

  • On the question of debt forgiveness for HIPCs & other LEDCs.

  • The question of the regulation of cryptocurrency.

Head Chair

Binh Vu

GA2_ Head Chair_ Binh Vu.jpg

Esteemed Directors, Student Officers, Delegates, and Guests, welcome to UNIS MUN November Conference. My name is Binh Vu and I am honored to serve as your Deputy Chair of the Human Rights Council this conference. As a junior, this is my third time attending UNIS MUN. Joining MUN marked my first encounter with the global issues that we face today. My experience has transformed me into a better global citizen, challenged me to be open minded and to think critically, and equipped me with valuable skills that I can apply to my daily life.


Since my first conference, my passion for MUN has not lessened, and I hope I will get to see the same passion from you all during the conference. No matter how experienced you are, I encourage you to challenge yourself, step out of your comfort zone, and speak up. Let your voice be heard! Though having done this before, I still have a lot to learn; so I hope we can learn new things together but at the same time still have fun and create great memories! With that said, I am looking forward to seeing you all in March.

Deputy Chair

Seoeun Choi

GA2 - Deputy Chair - Seoeun Choi.jpg

Greetings, esteemed Directors, Student Officers, and Delegates. My name is Seoeun Choi, and I am honored to serve as your deputy chair for this year's UNIS MUN. I am currently a senior in St. Paul American School Hanoi, and this is my third year doing MUN. Though I have attended multiple conferences, this is my first time attending as a chair.  I am very excited as to what I will learn from this new experience.


MUN is not only a place of discussing diplomatic affairs and learning to cooperate, but also a chance of growth to reach your maximum potential. My goal as your chair is to help you challenge yourselves, gain valuable experiences, and have fun! I am very excited to meet you all and have a fruitful debate. Hope you are too. See you in March!

Faculty Mentor

GA2; Head Chair; Binh Vu.HEIC



Mr. Faraz-Kiyani Mirza is an Economics and Individuals and Society teacher at UNIS Hanoi. For him, MUN is a valuable program that helps students look at issues they don’t normally talk about, and helps them learn how to debate and negotiate with one another to come up with tangible solutions. It teaches empathy, and how to value and respect a variety of perspectives and ideas. 


Regarding the first issue on the impact of COVID-19 on the economy, Mr.Mirza is interested in how it has affected low income households. People with high income will have access to healthcare and vaccines; however, he believes that it is important to look at how future vaccines will be justly allocated, making sure that everyone has access to it. It is not so much about the vaccine’s success but the struggle of equal distribution. 


To Mr. Mirza, debt forgiveness sounds easy but every case of debt needs to be looked at and assessed individually. He recommends we ask the question of to what extent was you getting into debt your fault or was it outside of your house and unforeseen? He believes that all debts can’t be relieved as it might promote inefficiency and demotivate people to improve. Regardless, he believes that efficient debt forgiveness is a valuable and humanitarian method. 


Cryptocurrencies are one of the things he is very unsure about: “The more you read, the more confused you are”. There is no ownership of regulation, where supply and demand are completely left to the free market. “It is good to have this discussion about this issue.”


GA3 Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Affairs Committee

  • On the impact of COVID-19 on humanitarian aid in conflict zones.

  • On the establishment of an international convention regarding members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

  • On the establishment of Permanent UN Observer Status for minority groups.

Head Chair

Sarah Anthony

GA3_ Head Chair_ Sarah Anthony.jpg

Esteemed Directors, student officers, delegates, and guests, welcome to the UNIS MUN March Conference! My name is Sarah Anthony, and I am honoured to be able to serve as the Head Chair for GA3 this year. I’m a sophomore at UNIS Hanoi, and though this is my second time attending the UNIS MUN March Conference, I’ve attended 5 in total since Grade 7. This will be my first time as a chair, so I’m looking forward to learning as I go along and improving my skills. 


MUN has allowed me to become more aware of relevant issues around me and what impact I can have on my surroundings, and I’m hoping to be able to help others gain that same experience. This conference will be a chance to create initiatives and strive for changes, no matter how small or big. Speak up, collaborate freely, think creatively, and let’s make some great memories!

Deputy Chair

Bao Tram Nguyen

GA3 - Deputy Chair - Bao Tram Nguyen.jpg

Greetings esteemed Directors, Student Officers, Delegates, and Guests. My name is Tram and I am currently a year 10 student from Singapore International School. I am beyond excited to be chairing General Assembly 3 this year at UNIS MUN XII. Although I have attended MUNs as a delegate, this is my first year formally chairing. I look forward to improving my skills as well as observe all the wonderful and talented delegates.


MUN not only strives to bring awareness to important issues, but it also encourages delegates and chairs alike to improve their skills. Be confident, be collaborative and be prepared to discuss issues involving minority groups, the LGBTQ+ community, and how COVID-19 has affected humanitarian trade. I hope to have an enjoyable and successful conference and best of luck! Feel free to reach out to me if you need any help.

Faculty Mentor

GA3; Head Chair; Sarah Anthony.jpg


Joining MUN this year as a mentor for GA3, the Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee, Mr Smith is both excited and willing to learn about how he can help students develop their roles as delegates and apply their understanding of issues around the world into their own real-life context. 


As an Elementary School teacher, Mr Smith is pleased to be able to work with a high-school extracurricular activity to be able to see how students progress into action-oriented individuals. Moreover, he’s looking forwards to being able to understand how to create a more thorough foundation for all youth at UNIS Hanoi to be able to further their own initiatives and tackle real-world affairs. 


Thought not having any professional background in direct relation to social, cultural and humanitarian matters, Mr Smith has always been interested in politics and humanitarian issues. With his own research, he’s kept up to date with present and pressing issues and understands the complexities that can often be found with them. He also maintains relationships with active members of organisations or initiatives that work in correlation with these issues. 


Mr Smith hopes to be able to guide and assist delegates through the preparation and understanding of each of the topics of GA3 and is looking forward to a productive and positive conference. He believes that through extracurricular activities and active programs like Model United Nations, our school can truly work towards a more constructive future.

“Working at a school like UNIS, we are trying to instill the idea of activism at an earlier age… in order to understand our own influence and how to use it in the real world”.  - Nathan Smith 


GA6 International Law Committee

  • On the membership of stateless, unrecognised & breakaway nations to the United Nations.

  • The question of immunity in United Nations operations & missions undertaken by UN member states.

  • On the establishment of measures & standards to ensure electoral integrity and transparency.

Head Chair

Francesco Silva

GA6 - Head Chair - Francesco Silva.jpg

Salutations directors and delegates, 

My name is Francesco Silva and I am a junior here at the United Nations International School of Hanoi. I am very pleased to inform you that I will be your Head Chair for this year’s 6th General Assembly, and am looking forward to fervent debates, productive discussions and innovative solutions throughout this year’s conference. I have been part of MUN for 4 years now, both at UNISMUN and conferences abroad, and hope to bring my experience into the conference, to be able to guide it into a productive path.


6th General Assembly: International Law Committee, has never been as important in this time of hardship around the world due to COVID-19, and with events progressing, questioning the transparency of presidential elections, such as in Myanmar and even the United States.


It is of utmost certainty that delegates, admins and chairs will grow through this conference, and will come out with more experience and more knowledge, may the individual be experienced or not. I am looking forward to fervent and fruitful discussions, and hope this conference will be great fun while productive! Feel free to contact me if you may have any questions, and I will be sure to answer.

Deputy Chair

Yu Hyeon Kim

GA6 - Deputy Chair - Yu Hyeon Kim.jpeg

Greetings, distinguished delegates, student officers, directors, and guests. I am Yu Hyeon Kim. I am honored to serve as a deputy chair of General Assembly 6: International Law Committee for UNISMUN March Conference.


I am currently a sophomore at Concordia International School Hanoi. This is my third time attending MUN and second time chairing. From these experiences, I’ve learned to be more active and challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone.


I truly believe that the topics we discuss in GA6 are crucial to issues concerning law and legal affairs. My goal as a chair is to get everybody involved and make this conference a valuable and memorable experience for you. I will try my best to help delegates who are struggling. I hope to see engaged debates with different views on the topics and establish well-constructed resolutions. I am looking forward to meeting all of you in March.

Faculty Mentor

GA6; Head Chair; Francesco Silva.jpg


Mr. Fady Tabbara (Mr. T) is the mentor of GA6 for the UNIS MUN March Conference 2021. He is from Toronto, Canada. Being a Canadian, he believes that people don’t really get a global perspective as everyone gravitates towards the same perspective. 


He is currently teaching Middle School Humanities at UNIS. Before joining the UNIS Hanoi family, Mr. T used to teach in different countries around the world like Ghana, Bangladesh, and South Korea. 


Mr. T believes the key to a successful conference is peaceful coexistence. This means that we must listen to one another and be open-minded with different perspectives and approaches. When we listen to one another, we can find a common ground to solve problems. 


Mr. T believes that the three topics that we are going to conduct a debate on having a direct impact on different stakeholders. He believes that this is a great opportunity for the delegates to be able to embody the spirit of the nation-states that they’re representing and work together in order to come up with solutions that will benefit all. As a result of these debates, Mr. T hopes that we will be able to rethink and rebalance the power structure that we currently have today at different levels. One thing that he believes is challenging about these topics is the international law aspect of it. The committee’s foundation is based on international laws and conventions that have been established by the global community. One thing to keep in mind is the sovereignty aspect of these issues, as countries are allowed to have their own sovereignty and it should not be infringed upon. The committee must find ways around the issue in order to find a common ground to work together.


Human Rights Council

  • Addressing the practice & consequences of gender-selective abortion.

  • Protecting the rights of small & isolated indigenous tribes.

  • Defining privacy rights in the context of the global age.

Head Chair

Duc Anh Nguyen

HRC_ President_ Duc Anh Nguyen.jpg

Welcome everybody—distinguished Directors, honorable Chairs, and virtuous Delegates, among various respected participants and guests—to the annual UNIS MUN March Conference. My name is Duc Anh Nguyen and it is my great honour to be appointed as Head Chair for the Human Rights Committee. 


The initial reason that I decided to join MUN was to develop my academic skills: research, collaboration, and public speaking. Despite improvements in these skills, I was no longer motivated by the structured research tables I had learned to constructed, or the new confidence that I had gained from leading discussions; instead, I was inspired to learn about the myriad of global issues that are affecting millions of lives around the world, to meet, work, and look at situations from the perspective from my admirable peers, and most of all, to be a part of something that is bigger than myself.

Deputy Chair

Jisu Lee

HRC - Deputy Chair - Jisu Lee.jpg

Hello, fellow delegates, my name is Jisu Lee and I am currently a senior at St. Paul American School Hanoi. I am honored to be able to participate in this conference as the deputy chair of HRC. I have been to two YMUN held in Taiwan and Korea. I was very intimidated at my first MUN conference as I was not used to the procedures and the language, and everyone else around seemed so confident! However, as I started talking to other delegates, I found myself having so much fun! This is my first year chairing, and I am excited for all the learnings and improvements that I'll make.


MUN allows me to investigate and research global issues as well as learn to collaborate in diplomatic ways to come up with possible solutions. I hope more people will be able to acquire this valuable experience and memories. Also, another important thing is to enjoy while being part of this conference! Having said that, I hope to see you all in March :)

Faculty Mentor

HRC;Head Chair;Duc Anh.HEIC


Ms. Jane Gibbons, better known as an inspiring Secondary Humanities and Psychology teacher, a compassionate mother of three, and now, a Faculty Mentor to the Human Rights Committee, has been at UNIS for almost 7 years. Previously, she has worked as an educator in both India and England; however, pursuing her interests in working with international students from all around the world, she relocated to Vietnam and made UNIS Hanoi her home. Her innate ability to connect with students and faculty makes her a trusted member within the UNIS community, and most of all, a benevolent friend to everyone. She has always shown major interests in SDGG10: Reduced Inequality, which is an essential topic when discussing the protection of human rights.


Out of the three topics that is to be debated on in the HRC, Ms. Gibbons is most interested in the first topic: “addressing the practice & consequences of gender-selective abortion.” She understands the various concequences caused by this issue: imbalance sex ratios, injustices and miss-oppotunities against women, and various violations of basic human rights; however, she also believes that it is also necessary to look at the issue from all points of views. For example, due to marital obligations and financial struggles, gender-selective abortions may be the only choice for low-income, impoverished households. 


Ms. Gibbons wants every member of the HRC to know that her doors are always open for anyone who is in-need of help or wants to ask questions. She encourages everyone to take advantage of this opportunity: to be involved in elaborate discussions and develop themselves as a researcher, a public speaker, an event organizer, and most importantly, as an MUN-ner. Finally, Ms. Gibbons would like all participants to have fun, or as she would put it: “have fun, embrace the experience, and make new friends.”


SDG 5 Committee

  • The question of the disproportionate impact of global crises (COVID-19) on women.

  • The question of female genital mutilation.

  • The issue of equal pay in developing countries.

I am Mai An Nguyen, a grade 11 student from UNIS Hanoi. I will be participating in this conference as the head chair for the SDG 5 committee. 


The SDG 5 committee will be addressing gender equality, something that cannot be discussed enough. Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, furthermore, a world without gender equality is one where the full potential of our society simply cannot be met. 


The issues in this committee are not only ones that are highly relevant and imperative, they will also open up countless opportunities for the delegates to engage in compelling debates. With the topics allowing us to explore a range of subjects, including economics, biology, culture, and religion, I am sure there will not be a dull moment. 


It is certain that we will broaden our knowledge, not only in the topic, but also as delegates, chairs, and admins. I am looking forward to a fun and valuable experience for all of us! Feel free to contact me in case of any questions or concerns. 

Head Chair

Mai An Nguyen

SDG5_ Head Chair_ Mai An Nguyen.jpg

I am Mai An Nguyen, a grade 11 student from UNIS Hanoi. I will be participating in this conference as the head chair for the SDG 5 committee. 


The SDG 5 committee will be addressing gender equality, something that cannot be discussed enough. Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, furthermore, a world without gender equality is one where the full potential of our society simply cannot be met. 


The issues in this committee are not only ones that are highly relevant and imperative, they will also open up countless opportunities for the delegates to engage in compelling debates. With the topics allowing us to explore a range of subjects, including economics, biology, culture, and religion, I am sure there will not be a dull moment. 


It is certain that we will broaden our knowledge, not only in the topic, but also as delegates, chairs, and admins. I am looking forward to a fun and valuable experience for all of us! Feel free to contact me in case of any questions or concerns. 

Deputy Chair

Phan Ha Anh (Susie) Nguyen

SDG5 - Deputy Chair - Nguyen Phan Ha Anh

Greetings Esteemed Directors, Student Officers and fellow delegates! My name is Nguyen Phan Ha Anh but I also go by Susie, and I am more than honored to serve as your deputy chair of the SDG5 Committee for this year’s conference. I’m currently a junior at SIS and this will be my third year doing MUN, but my first time chairing. Even though I’m still new to chairing, I’m looking forward to what I’ll learn and gain from this opportunity as well as from all of you, and hopefully make this a memorable event!


I look forward to seeing productive discussions and collaborative work during the conference and hope you’ll gain awareness and knowledge on these issues regarding gender equality, which is highly relevant in today’s society. With that said, I hope to see you all in March and I look forward to a fruitful debate. Wish you all the best of luck!


Faculty Mentor

SDG 5;Head Chair;Mai An Nguyen.png



Ms. Stacey Maire is a UNIS high school English teacher from New York. This is her third year teaching at UNIS. 


She attended the New School University, and then Brooklyn College for graduate school. She studied theatre and writing, and then english education. Before teaching she worked in NYC theatre, and I did sound for productions including Broadway shows. Unsurprisingly, she loves going to theatres and watching live productions, especially when she lived in NYC. A while ago, she worked for an organization called “Cases'' in New York. They helped support youth who have been convicted of crimes to support them, and help them stay out of prison, get jobs, and support the community. 


The march conference will be Ms. Maire’s second MUN conference as a mentor. She is very happy to be mentoring the SDG 5 committee as she has always been interested in women issues. Ms. Maire is looking forward to helping all the SDG 5 committee members as they explore the issues.


Here is a message from Ms. Maire to the MUN participants: 

“All of your ideas and all of your efforts are so magnificent, I think that giving your time in such a stressful school environment towards things you believe and care about is amazing, and I applaud everyone for that. I'm really happy to support in any way I can. I feel like before in New York, I was teaching kids on the other side of things. They were a victim to these issues, and now i feel like I’m teaching kids who can actually forge change in many ways and that there is such a strong sense of empathy here it really is lovely.”  - Stacey Maire

Environment Assembly and Governing Council

  • On the environmental impacts of COVID-19 and sustainability strategies.

  • The question of financial & other sanctions for carbon dioxide emitting nations.

  • On sustainable solutions for environmental and health challenges in developing countries.



Hee Su Park

Deputy President

ENV_ President_ Hee Su Park.jpg

Greetings directors, student officers, and fellow delegates! I am Hee Su Park, a grade 11 student at UNIS Hanoi. This is my fourth year in MUN, starting from grade 8 as a new delegate, to being part of the UNIS MUN leadership team this year. It is my first year chairing, therefore I am extremely excited, and it is a great honor to serve as the head chair of the Environmental Committee. The topics discussed in the environmental committee are issues that are currently threatening our world security, such as the global pandemic and climate changes. Through well-constructed resolutions and fruitful debate, I look forward to seeing all of your interest and passion in these crucial topics. No matter how experienced you are, speak up, engage, and have fun! Although it might seem hard, I can assure you that it will be a rewarding and valuable experience in the end. Please don’t hesitate to reach out before, during, and after the conference, I will always be more than happy to help you!

Faculty Mentor

ENV; President; Hee Su Park.jpg



As the student officer of the Environment Assembly and Governing Council, I was excited to meet our mentor, Mr. Christie, a biology teacher at UNIS to help understand topics based on the environment more thoroughly. At our first meeting, I asked my mentor some questions and they shared final thoughts on the conference and topics. 


On the environmental impacts of COVID-19 and sustainable strategies, Mr. Christie stated that delegates can do a lot of stuff with CO2 production and levels due to COVID-19. The COVID-19 caused a big drop in factory workers which caused an impact on CO2. For the related countries, he recommended really look into their industries. If the topic is linked to COVID-19, it is already based on industries because of just a lack of economic movement. Factories, and energy requirements dropping, for example, the coals for China and Vietnam.


For the topic of the question of financial & other sanctions for carbon dioxide emitting nations, he recommended looking into the Paris record, which looks into the legislations and fixing of CO2 levels based on Carbon taxes and legislation. Delegates can look at which countries are part of it, the goals, and their legislations based on the Paris record.


On sustainable solutions for environmental and health challenges in developing countries, he stated that for developing countries like Vietnam, the reason that they are still using coals is that they do not have enough money to go for sustainable resources like solar panels and geothermal. They are forced to use cheaper causes to keep their industry going and moving out of the developing state. Looking at the global progress the MEDCs will have to help the LEDCs because they can’t pump their money into the sustainable resources starting up because they need the money to develop their own countries.


In the end, Mr. Christie stated that public speaking is probably the biggest value of MUN. Having the opportunity to speak in front of a big group of people is valuable. MUN is also very special for grade 11 and 12 students as you don’t have many opportunities to formulate your own idea and converse about it outside of MUN. He also had a message to the students attending the conference: Remember to be confident and open-minded and good luck at the March conference.


Population Movement Council

  • On the impact of COVID-19 on migration and asylum.

  • On a trans-Mediterranean migration and asylum policy.

  • On the freedom of movement within the ASEAN+5 space.


Audrey Hanson

Population Movement Council_ President_

Hello delegates! My name is Audrey Hanson. I am an 11th grader and this is my fourth year here at UNIS, and third year in MUN. For the upcoming March conference, I am looking forward to being president of the Population Movement Council. 


The Population Movement Council is a new and exciting council for UNIS MUN. This council will focus on many issues involving migration and asylum. These issues have always been extremely prevalent in our world. However, during Covid-19, migration has become increasingly difficult due to closing borders. 


Delegates in this council will investigate migration and asylum during COVID-19, in the Mediterranean area and in the ASEAN+5 space. I am looking forward to hearing the delegate’s creative ideas on how to solve these crucial issues. 


Throughout this debate, all delegates and chairs will learn a lot and grow their skills. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any questions. 

Deputy President

My Anh (Matilda) Le

PMC - Deputy President - My Anh Le.jpg

Greetings to everyone,

My name is My Anh Le (or Matilda), and I am currently a junior at Concordia Hanoi. It is my utmost honor to serve as Deputy President of the Population Movement Council, and I look forward to sharing a memorable UNIS MUN experience with you all.

When I started doing MUN two years ago, I wasn’t looking for anything except for a way to liven up my summer. Instead, I found a brand new passion, a thirst for knowledge, and above all, wonderful people who continue to inspire me. As a chair of PMC, my most important goal is to ensure that all participants will have an optimal environment for learning and growing. Whether you are a seasoned delegate or a complete beginner, you are welcome to explore your potential and vocalize your thoughts here at UNIS MUN.

With that said, I wish you the best of luck and see you very soon!

Faculty Mentor

Population Movement Council; President;



Ms. Louvet is the mentor for the population movement council. She is a hardworking English teacher, working at UNIS Hanoi. She began teaching English in China, then Miami. She proceeded to obtain her masters degree and then came to teach at UNIS in 2014. When getting her masters degree, she found that her true passion was English and she hoped to share what she loved and inspire her students. 


Although this is her first year participating in MUN, she is greatly looking forward to this opportunity, as she is interested in the population movement issues, especially the topic regarding migration during COVID-19. She hopes all countries can be empathetic towards people in these difficult situations. 


She also believes strongly in the overall significance of MUN. Not only does it allow students to understand the United Nations better, but it helps develop numerous critical skills. For example, students develop leadership skills, problem solving, creating respectful arguments, and lastly it can help students become more aware about human rights. Through MUN, students will not only develop these skills, but they will also create long-lasting friendships and relationships. She hopes all students stay passionate and motivated throughout this conference.


Responsibility to Protect Council

  • The question of Yemen.

  • The question of Ethiopia.

  • The question of Libya.


Linh (Kitty) Tran

R2P_ Head Chair_ Kitty Tran.jpg

Hi friends, my name is Kitty Tran, I’m currently an 11th grader at UNIS Hanoi. This would be my third year in MUN and my second conference chairing. I’m very excited to welcome you all to the Responsibility To Protect Council. As your head chair, I look forward to meeting you and hearing your thoughts and ideas. Please always feel free to ask for help or just inquiries. I understand that MUN can be intimidating but I assure you that once you get to discuss with fellow delegates and chairs it will become a smooth and memorable experience. 


This upcoming conference we will be exploring the conflicts in Yemen, Libya, and Ethiopia. All three of these countries have very important problems that need to be addressed. I’m eager to see all of your creative resolutions and have a fun debate. 

Deputy President

Thao Hien Pham

R2P - Deputy President - Pham Thao Hien.

Greetings esteemed directors, student officers, delegates, admin staff and guests. My name is Hien, and I am a sophomore at SIS. I am honoured to be chairing in the Responsibility to Protect Council at the UNIS MUN XII conference and will be looking forward to meeting you all then. This is my second year in MUN, and though I have been to other conferences as a delegate, this will be my first time formally chairing. MUN in itself is a learning experience and a chance to not only develop your diplomacy skills but also knowledge on global issues, so I’m excited to help but also learn from everyone. 

In this conference, we will be discussing the conflicts in Yemen, Libya and Ethiopia which are all urgent topics that need to be addressed. With that said, I’m excited to see everyone in March and have a fruitful conference. Best of luck in your preparations and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any concerns or inquiries.

Faculty Mentor

R2P;Head Chair;Kitty Tran.jpg



Mr. Tanay Naik, grew up in South East Asia and has attended multiple international schools, including UNIS Hanoi. During his high school years he participated in AISAS MUN as committee chair and later became parliamentary secretary. He went to university in Canada where he switched over to debate. In the past 11 years he has fulfilled numerous teaching roles in IB schools, from head of TOK to being the vice-principal. Arriving at UNIS Hanoi, Mr. Naik is impressed by the level of sophistication he sees in UNISMUN, he praises the student commitment and teacher engagement. 


In a hyperpolarized global environment, there is a presumption where anyone who shares their personal viewpoint is wrong. There is an unhealthy culture of diminishing people’s intelligence just because their opinion is not the same as your own. Mr. Naik values the opportunity MUN gives us to deliberate and debate helpfully and to gain more conviction in what we believe in. He views education as political and that MUN is a great platform to identify what's right and wrong in the world and discuss it in a respectful, responsible, and ethical manner. He believes that MUN is the perfect embodiment of all things we emphasize as a school, collaboration, the ability to agree and disagree with each other in a factually informed way, and the capacity of exploring topics through multiple perspectives. 

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