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Committees & Issues

Committees and Issues

Greetings honorable directors, student officers, and delegates. 

I am Seoyeon Lee, a senior at Unis Hanoi International School, and I am truly honored to participate as the Head President of the Security Council for the November conference. MUN has been part of my school life since grade 8, but I become amazed every year by the preparation and participation of the community members! This year as well, the student officers and directors have put so much effort into a comfortable environment, so now it’s your turn, delegates, to shine :)

For this years’ conference, I look forward to an enjoyable yet formal committee, and by the end of the day, I hope everyone has had a valuable experience through passionately debating on issues that concern people around the world. To the best of my ability, I will provide guidance and support for anyone who is struggling or confused about the conference, especially for those in the Security Council. Our council will discuss the question of the situation in Afghanistan, which is an ongoing, tragic, significant issue. The Taliban ruling over Afghanistan has not only alarmed the peace and security of innocent lives but also has threatened the political, economic, and social circumstances of countries globally. 


As members of the Security Council, we will address every category of issues that can be identified within Afghanistan, but mainly focusing on the effect on peace, security, and equity. The entire contribution of delegates will be considered to find a path that could resolve the issue, which may become the first steps for us to critically evaluate our surroundings. I hope this experience is fruitful, meaningful, and memorable to the participants. Always ask for support, and have a wonderful time!

SC_Head Chair_ Seoyeon Lee.jpg

Seoyeon Lee

Head President

Deputy President


Dylan Sanders


Greetings delegates!


My name is Dylan Sanders, and I am a senior attending Concordia International School Hanoi. This year I am the Deputy Chair for the Security Council. UNISMUN 2021 will be my 13th conference and my 3rd time chairing—I am eager to work alongside Head Chair Seoyeon Lee and Procedural Chair Sally Kim. Since I am new to Vietnam, participating in UNISMUN gives me the awesome opportunity to engage in Vietnam’s MUN scene!  

Seoyeon, Sally, and I look forward to regulating debate on this year’s Security Council topic “The Situation in Afghanistan”: recalling troops throughout the Middle East, America has taken a step back from their “War on Terror”, creating power vacuums in volatile regions. The Taliban have promptly usurped political authority in Afghanistan and now control every major Afghan city. With a new Sharia-based government, the Taliban takeover raises uncertainties regarding sovereignty, terrorism, gender equality, and human rights. 

As of September, the UN Security Council on Resolution 2596 agreed to continue the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), which is a Special Political Mission that aims to assist Afghanistan in “laying the foundations for sustainable peace and development”; moreover, resolution 2596 reminded in a preambulatory clause that the territory of Afghanistan should not be a hub for terrorism. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres in a speech on October 11 further expressed concerns on the situation in Afghanistan that you can listen to here.

However, despite the Security Council’s continuation of UNAMA and reference to terrorism, and Antonio Guterres’s concerns, the UN is understandably cautious on their approach to the situation.

Security Council Delegates, remember to keep in mind the various controversial factors in Afghanistan as you write your opening speeches and resolutions—I am excited to listen to your interpretations of your countries’ stances next month! Good luck!

Procedural President

SC Sally Kim.JPG

Sally Kim


Fellow chairs, esteemed delegates, and most distinguished audiences. Welcome to UNISMUN XII. My name is Sally Kim and it is my honor to serve as the chair of the security council of UNISMUN XII. This is my fifteenth MUN conference and the third one I will be chairing. MUN is a very helpful experience for the students, it helps the students to develop confidence and an ability to improvise a speech.


I can confidently say that the delegates in the security council will be discussing various important, impactful, and interesting topics: the situation in Syria, Afghanistan, and the question of Kurdistan. Recently, these issues were the "hot potato" of global peace. As global citizens, delegates must recognize the severity of these issues and their impact on global peace. Furthermore, as the participants of the MUN conference, delegates must derive feasible, sustainable, and detailed solutions. As a chair of the security council, I will try my best to help the delegates. Thank you.


G4 Reform Security Council

  • The situation in Afghanistan.


Honourable directors, fellow delegates, and most esteemed guests,


Hello! My name is Sky Yeom and I am more than honoured to be your Head President for the G4 Reform Security Council in the upcoming conference! Seeing this is my seventh year participating in MUN and second year being a chair, I am excited to chair at the UNISMUN November Conference. MUN has allowed me to get over my fear of public speaking and enhance my critical thinking skills and I hope this experience will do the same for the participating delegates.


In the G4 Reform Security Council, we will primarily focus on the question of The situation in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is currently experiencing a crisis as violence and insecurity have brought more suffering for thousands of Afghans. With 65% of Afghanistan’s population being children, the youth are growing up amid this crisis and anxious about their future as they face insecurity and economic challenges. This is deeply concerning and I believe that with the bright minds delegates have, they will be able to conjure up feasible solutions regarding this issue.

Head President

Yeom, Sky - Head Chair- G4 SC.jpeg

Sky Yeom

With my best regards, I hereby implore you to challenge yourselves to the highest of your capacities as delegates at every stage of preparation and during this conference and to take your passion for solving critical global issues further than just MUN. With that said, I am looking forward to seeing you all in November for a fruitful debate. No matter how much experience you have, I urge you all to speak up, engage, and have fun. Although it may seem hard and tiring, I can assure you that this conference will be a rewarding and valuable experience. If you do have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out before, during, or after the conference. I will be more than happy to help you!


Greetings everyone! My name is Heidy Cho and I will be the Deputy Chair for the G4 Reformed Security Council at UNISMUN. I am a Year 13 student currently attending BIS Hanoi and this is my first time attending UNISMUN. I have been doing MUN for a few years now and security council is always one of my favourite committees. I am really looking forward to the conference where I hope to see lots of engaging and insightful discussion into the agenda.


Security Council committees frequently revolve around arms and conflict but these can have implications on human rights and individuals’ lives, like in the case of Afghanistan. With the current situation in the country, where the Taliban have taken over the government, there have been massive ripple effects particularly on women and marginalised communities.


The situation in Afghanistan is a crucial topic to discuss and it has numerous aspects to consider. Personally, I would say that some of the most important issues regarding this agenda is foreign intervention, the change in women’s rights under the Taliban, and the potential formation of an authoritarian government.

Deputy President

Reformed SC - Heidy Cho - Deputy Chair.jpg

Minseo(Heidy) Choi

Whether you are a first time or a very experienced delegate, I really hope that you will be able to actively engage in the conference. I wish you the best of luck in your research and I look forward to meeting you very soon!

Hello everyone! My name is Semin Yun and I will be the Procedural for the G4 Security Council. I am a senior at Saigon South International School. This is my sixth time being a chair and first time participating in UNISMUN. While I have been chair of the Security Council before, this is my first time leading a reform Security Council and I hope to learn more about the amazing conference that is UNIMUN as well as grow as a MUN student leader.


The topic at hand is the situation in Afghanistan. Afghanistan has been a widely talked about world issue for several years and even more so now due to the recent Taliban control of the country. Marginalized and vulnerable groups, such as women and children, are facing aggravated oppression and various challenges due to Taliban control. Currently, Afghanistan is fostering many human rights crises as well as economic and political difficulties. 


I believe that all the issues that arise from the current situation in Afghanistan are extremely critical to discuss. As MUN members, I believe that one of our shared goals is to become a global citizen.  

Procedural President

G4SC - Semin Yun.jpg

Semin Yun

A global citizen is someone who is involved and knowledgeable about current global issues and events. The current crisis in Afghanistan is one that affects many areas of society and I believe that we can have a fruitful debate, as global citizens and representatives of different countries. 


I would like to thank the admin, chairs, secretary generals, delegates, and everyone else involved in the making of UNISMUN. I hope that anyone and everyone leaves this conference with new things learnt and new friendships made. See you there!

Ezulwini Reform Security Council

  • The situation in Afghanistan

Ezulwini RSC

GA1: Disarmament and International Security

  • On the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital state of Israel

Hoyeon Yoon, Ezulwini.JPG

Ho Yeon Yoon

Head President

Greetings, esteemed directors, distinguished delegates, honorable chairs,


My name is Hoyeon Yoon, a junior at UNIS Hanoi. I’m extremely delighted to be your Head Chair for the Ezulwini Reform Council for the UNISMUN November Conference of 2021! This is my fourth year participating in MUN and my first time as a chair, so I am certainly looking forward to this great opportunity and getting to meet so many amazing delegates.


I first began my MUN journey in middle school because of my passion for global politics and my admiration towards the delegates and chairs. Ever since, it has truly been a significant part of my life that brought me countless learning opportunities - so I am honored to share this experience with all of you.

This year, the November conference’s theme is “What does an equal and equitable world look like?”, and the Ezulwini Reform Council is a great demonstration of an equal and equitable world. In this committee, we will be discussing the current situation in Afghanistan - where a global crisis has taken place.

The conflict in Afghanistan has brought suffering and instability to many Afghan citizens, with 26 out of the country's 34 provincial capitals being controlled by the Taliban. I enthusiastically implore all participants to delve themselves deep within this issue as it will be an amazing learning experience that will assist you further in life as well. With so many brilliant delegates in our committee, I believe this session will be fruitful and productive thanks to the elaborate resolutions that the delegates will work together to develop.


On that note, I would like to wish the best of luck to all participants and all their endeavors. Whether you are experienced or this is your first conference, I hope that you will learn from this experience as I did these past four years. The journey for becoming stronger at MUN may introduce many obstacles and hurdles, but with hard work and the cooperation between all members of the council, we can achieve the most enjoyable and delightful debate!

Deputy President

You, Hyunjun - Deputy President - Ezulwini Security Council.jpeg

Hyunjun You

Greetings to honorable directors, student officers, delegates and administration staff. My name is Hyunjun You and I am delighted to serve as the Deputy President of the Ezulwini Security Council at the UNISMUN November conference. Currently, I am a senior studying in Saigon South International School (SSIS) and it is my 6th year since I have been part of the MUN community. 


For the upcoming conference, this Ezulwini Security Council will debate the topic of the situation in Afghanistan. This ongoing catastrophic situation in Afghanistan is necessary for all the member states to be actively involved to resolve.

Delegates may draw their attention to the key impacts branched out from the Afghanistan war: Taliban’s takeover of Kabul, humanitarian issues, national economic loss, and so on. Besides, delegates’ thought-provoking approaches to the topic may bring a wider understanding to the house.

To sum up, this UNISMUN will be my last conference as a chair. As it comes to the last, I am really looking forward to seeing amazing discussions from the amazing delegates. With all the efforts and commitments delegates will bring to the house, I certainly cannot wait to greet everyone with excitement! See you guys all soon.

Procedural President

Tom Cai.jpg

Tom Cai

Honorable delegates, fellow chairs, and most esteemed members of the secretariat, 

My name is Tom Cai, a junior in the International School of Beijing, and I will be the procedural chair for the Ezulwini Reform Council in this UNISMUN Conference. This is my 3rd year of MUN and second time chairing, and I hope to gain valuable experience to improve myself as a chair. I had my first MUN experience at SHASMUN in 2019, before COVID, and it kickstarted my hopes to become a chair. 

This year’s conference theme is “What does an equal and equitable world look like?”, and the Ezulwini Committee is a perfect vision of that. With no veto powers, all delegates’ voices are equally powerful, and will serve to have a more efficient and fruitful debate. In this committee, we will be addressing the issue in Afghanistan, a country in turmoil.


The decades-long conflict in Afghanistan has caused unspeakable suffering and pain to all civilians, no matter a supporter of the Taliban or the republican government.



 I hope all delegates will partake in discussion to reduce the suffering of the Afghan people. Without a doubt, I am fully confident that delegates will push forward this issue and resolve it effectively. I wish all delegates good luck, and happy debating!

GA1: Disarmament and International Security​​

  • On the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital state of Israel

GA2: Economic and Financial​​

  • On the responsibility of High Income Countries for COVID-19 responses in Low Income Countries


I would like to extend a warm welcome to the esteemed directors, delegates, student officers and administration staff. My name is Sujash Barman and I am currently a Grade 12 student attending the United Nations International School of Hanoi. The upcoming November conference will be my first time participating as a chair in the General Assembly 1 committee.


I have been a delegate for 4 years and have taken part in the committees of the Security Council, SDG5 Committee and the United Nations Environmental Assembly. Through these experiences, I have amalgamated a deep understanding of the issues that MUN seeks to solve and my speaking skills have grown by leaps and bounds. I hope that through this conference, I will be able to share my philosophy of MUN with the delegates so that they have fruitful discussions which spark their process of enlightenment of what they make of the issue at stake in the committee. 


What captures my attention in the General Assembly 1 Committee is how it deals with the issues of disarmament, global difficulties, and threats to peace that affect the international community and beyond whilst embodying the UN’s core values of inclusivity, diversity, and dialogue.

Head President

Barman, Sujash - Head Chair - GA1.jpg

Sujash Barman

Additionally, it emphasizes the UN’s commitment to find comprehensive and diplomatic solutions to these issues which allows for meaningful discussions among the delegates to find a common ground to solve the issue. This is quite interesting due to the fact that aiming to solve issues that are global threats through the use of peaceful policies encourages the art of critical thinking which is a valuable asset that will not only be helpful in MUN but also in the real world.


The issue of “To what extent should Jerusalem be the capital of Israel”, is a sensitive and enduring question that was initiated right after the 1967 six day war between Israel and the Arab states. As a chair, I believe that debating on this issue will be a rigorous and vibrant experience because of the rich history that surrounds it. Some other issues that the delegates can consider are the issues of “How the 1967 Six-Day War caused territorial changes that changed the entire middle east”, “What happened during the 1948 invasion of the Arab States” and “How the termination of the Syrian Egyptian military pact transpired the events that lead to the 1967 Six-Day war”.  

As I wrap up, I would like to thank the delegates for their contributions and hard work that they have put into researching this issue and drafting a resolution. I would like to say that whenever the delegates find themselves stuck in the process of rebutting an argument, it’s important to keep a cool mind and remember that as long as there is a strong will to pave way out of a desperate situation, a ray of hope will always emerge to clutch onto that will guide you out of that desperate situation. 

My name is Su Kyung Lim, currently a 12th grader in the ABCIS. I will be the deputy chair of the General Assembly First Committee. It is such an honor to have this position where I would be gifted the chance to lead delegates all over the world, enabling them to enjoy their life-changing experience here in the conference of UNISMUN 2021.


MUN is significant for young people these days as we, living in a relatively peaceful environment, get a chance to confront the reality and acquaint ourselves with many global issues, then debate for ways to secure and support those vulnerable people. Being present in UNISMUN as a chair, and leading the passionate group of youth to debate upon people's liberty and oppression, will certainly deliver me a valuable experience that I am more than thrilled to be involved in.


The General Assembly first committee, one of six main committees at the General Assembly of the United Nations, deals with disarmament and international security matters.In the upcoming conference, our committee  will be handling the following  topic: On the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the state of Israel.

Deputy President

Lim, Su Kyung.JPG

Su Kyung Lim

This weighty issue is derived from the dispute between the two nations - Palestine and Israel - over their complex interaction to claim Jerusalem as their capital state. I would recommend delegates to focus on understanding the deep history behind this dispute and then understand the following aftermath based on the contrary ideologies of the two perspectives which lead to a grievous conflict. Furthermore, it is important that delegates keep in mind the extreme sensitivity of the topic, as well as being reminded of making claims in the biased stance according to their assigned countries.


Lastly, to all delegates in GA1, the most important advice that I would like to give, as an experienced chair, is: to enjoy! I know it might be difficult, especially for those new delegates, to accept this. However, I guarantee that it is crucial to enjoy the conference. It is necessary that all delegates are enjoying the thrill of socialising, progressing, and encouraging themselves to step up. These significant recollections of positive experiences from the Model United Nations would surely leave a remarkable trace in your life. 


I couldn’t wait to see you in the conference!

Greetings, esteemed Directors, Student Officers, Delegates, and Administration Staff. My Name is Myungjun Lee from the International School of Beijing, and I will be the Procedural Chair GA1 committee at the UNISMUN conference.


When I first started MUN, I was a delegate who barely spoke during conferences. I wanted to improve my skills and have confidence in my debating skills. After slowly gaining experience in meetings, I joined international conferences, debated in various committees, and represented many delegates. I learned that MUN was not just debating but solving the global issue by representing nations. When I heard the UNISMUN conference, I was excited about another opportunity. 


In this year’s General Assembly, the question is more directed towards political and social recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the state of Israel. In some religions, border conflicts are an issue due to both political and historical contexts.


As one of the biggest councils in the General Assembly, countries with similar political and religious stands can address this issue.

Procedural President

Myungjun Lee Pic.png

Myungjun Lee

 For Israel, the country had border conflict with the country of Palestinians. Since the two used military force previously, allies can support either country or solve issue from a third perspective. Also, nations with similar religious beliefs can support each other. The importance and meaning of Jerusalem can also be debated. 


For some delegates, these topics are susceptible and may cause representing their personal stands, not the assigned country. In a MUN conference, delegates are rewarded by representing their country not one’s debating skills. As a chair who was once involved and inloved at solving global problems, working with delegates, and writing resolutions, I am excited to hear innovative solutions. Delegates, just as conversations are used to freely express one’s idea, do not stress MUN. Enjoy it.

GA2: Economic and Financial​​

  • On the responsibility of High Income Countries for COVID-19 responses in Low Income Countries


United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Council

  • On the regulation of global organised cybercrime.

Head President

Procedural President


Traves Lee

Greetings! Buon Giorno! 

My name is Traves Lee, and I am the GA2 Head Chair, the economic and financial committee in the November UNISMUN conference. During my 4 years of delegate experience, I have always held a keen interest towards issues regarding economics, and as an IB economics student I can safely say that I have a certain fondness in this genre of debate. 

Although heavily, heavily, overstated, the theme of an equal and equitable world for this conference is very much in par and relevant to the issues the world is facing today, issues such as the covid-19 crisis.


As nations around the world suffer from disparate effects and consequences, it will be very important for delegates to be holistic in approach and sincere in execution. 

My criteria for a successful conference is everyone leaving with a feeling of satisfaction and happiness. Besides MUN being a golden opportunity to practice public speaking and debate, at the center it should always be about learning and having fun!

And I can promise you that after 4 years of poorly written opening speeches with unfathomable jokes, I can assure you that you will leave the conference with time well spent. After all, comedy trump's conflict. 

As the head chair, I very much look forward to the fruitful discussions that will soon be held, and as one of the biggest committees in the November 2021 Conference, both delegates and chairs have a responsibility of making this conference both awesome and breathtaking! 

Hontoni Arigato gozaimasu, delegate chan!

Deputy President

Yoon, Minseo - Deputy chair - GA2.jpeg

Minseo Yoon

Greetings esteemed directors, student officers, and fellow delegates! I am Minseo Yoon from ABC International School, and it is my highest honour to be serving as your Deputy President of GA2 this year. I am in Year 12 and this will be my 5th experience chairing a MUN conference. It is a great opportunity for us all to participate in such a big conference which encourages great discussions and allows us to socialise with diverse people with various opinions. I consider this conference as another part of the MUN educational journey and a step that can help me to develop skillfully and knowledgeably.


The  General Assembly Second Committee (Economic and Financial Committee) is one of the six main committees of the United Nations General Assembly. It deals with global finance and economic matters such as macroeconomic policy questions; financing for development; sustainable development; globalization and interdependence; eradication of poverty; operational activities for development; agriculture development, food security and nutrition; information and communications technologies for development; and towards global partnerships

I am looking forward to hearing productive debate and discussion on our committee’s topic: the issue on the responsibility of high-income countries for COVID-19 responses in low-income countries. This topic is well known and I assume it is one of the most appropriate topics that need to be globally discussed. The world economy is unstable due to reasons such as unemployment but the world is becoming more and more globalised which makes international relationships more important. Therefore, I recommend for our house to closely review the issue of international relationships, unemployment, and the economics related to this problem. 


I will take responsibility to provide guidance and support for anyone who is struggling and I will try my best to set the conference environment formal but enjoyable to work collaboratively. I hope our committee will engage in fruitful debates and productively exchange ideas to come up with the best resolution. 

Procedural President

Lee, Kyungchan - Procedural Chair - GA2.jpg

Kyungchan Lee

Greetings, distinguished delegates and honorable guests. My name is Kyungchan Lee, and I am honored to be this year’s Procedural Chair of the GA2 committee. As a senior in St. Paul American School Hanoi, I am truly thrilled for this year’s conference due to this being the first conference I would participate in as Chair in my three years of MUN experience. In addition, what I love about UNIS MUN is that it truly consists of many delegates from diverse nations, making it the perfect opportunity for people of different communities to be acquainted and befriend one another. 


Many economically poor individuals and countries are hit hard by the COVID-19, even some economically advantaged countries are not free of harm. India is forecasted to have the highest cumulative deaths of over one million and various countries in Central Asia, and Central and Eastern Europe, such as Kazakhstan and Belarus, are also expected to have the highest deaths per 100,000 people. These are merely the number of deaths caused by COVID-19, though alarming, it is far less disturbing when mental health issues and economic downturn world wide are accounted for. 


Needless to say, the issues this committee will be discussing is extremely relevant to every one of us. Therefore, it is paramount that it needs to be settled quickly and effectively. The three issues that delegates might wish to consider is whether the high income countries should not, or be encouraged, or obligated to aid low income countries against COVID-19. If so, what methods should the high income countries do to help those low income countries? Finally, should the criteria for low and high income countries be modified and whether the high income countries will be paid back at the end of COVID-19 pandemic. 


Last but not least, I would like to say there is no need to be overly anxious before and during the conference because everyone is kind and friendly. I hope that this will be a productive and enjoyable conference and wish that all would be able to make pleasant memories.

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Council​​

  • On the regulation of global organised cybercrime.


United Nations Environmental Assembly

  • On the question of managing the impacts of climate change in environmentally threatened countries.

Hello esteemed directors, student officers, and fellow delegates. My name is Kitty Tran, I’m currently a 12th grader at UNIS Hanoi. I’m absolutely delighted to be your head chair for this upcoming conference where, as the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Council (UNDOC) we will be discussing the topic of cybercrime as a threat to the global community.


Pretty cool right? In this day and age, you can’t really escape the internet, therefore, the issue of cybercrime has never been more present. Our data, our information, our identity are at risk and this is just the “local” scale. If information were easily stolen from nation-states imagine the weaponry that hackers could access.


Overall, this council challenges you to build a solution or at least a framework on how your country can help judicial systems prevent such things from happening. This will be my fourth year in MUN and my third time chairing and I am very excited to share this upcoming conference with you. Model U.N. has allowed me to become more aware of relevant issues that I otherwise wouldn’t really notice. I hope that I can help others gain that experience.   



Head President

Tran, Kitty - Head Chair - UNDOC.jpg

Kitty Tran

As your head chair, I look forward to meeting you and hearing your thoughts and ideas. Please always feel free to ask for help or just inquiries. I understand that MUN can be intimidating but I assure you that once you get to meet your fellow delegates and chairs it will be a smooth and memorable experience. I’m very eager to see all of your creative resolutions and have a fun debate.

Greetings to everyone! My name is Tae Woo Kim, and I will be the deputy chair of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime Council(UNODC). I am currently a senior at St.Paul American School Hanoi and it is a great honor for me to participate as the deputy chair of UNODC. As I have participated in the UNIS MUN conference on the topic of drug and cybercrime, I hope all delegates can provide intriguing and fruitful ideas that can rise above my old times when I was a delegate.


The most crucial element of MUN is to share interests and connections with other delegates. From 1961 to today, there has been the UN’s convention toward drug’s usages. According to the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, “There are two forms of intervention and control that work together. First, it seeks to limit the possession, use, trade in, distribution, import, export, manufacture and production of drugs exclusively to medical and scientific purposes. Second, it combats drug trafficking through international cooperation to deter and discourage drug traffickers.” All these conventions contributed to the establishment of UNODC and its purpose of establishment is to prevent illegal drug trading.

Deputy President

Tae Woo Kim-UNODC.jpg

Tae Woo Kim

As all delegates might be aware of, cybercrimes and drugs are a serious global issue today. Especially, due to COVID-19 crisis, there have been massive increased cases of those prohibited actions because many criminals are using this crisis as their opportunity such as virtual platforms and medications. I fully believe these sensitive issues must be addressed seriously and carefully in order to overcome this arduous situation. As there are many delegates in charge of various countries, I hope there will be numerous perspectives on the topic and I surely think this will lead to an intriguing debate.


Although this is my first time chairing the delegates, my goal as a chair is to make a productive and fruitful debate. However, MUN is not just a place where delegates debate, but it is also a place where people challenge themselves and reach their potential. I cannot wait to see you guys at the November conference! I hope everyone stays safe and wish you guys the best of luck!

Greetings and salutations delegates, student officers,  directors, and guests!

My name is Hayle Burton and I am an 11th grader at the International School of Vietnam. This would be my very first time officially participating in MUN and I look forward to it! I got involved in the UNIS MUN because I feel that there are many issues in the world that are not addressed and I see the MUN as a place to tackle controversial topics. 


 I joined the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime  (UNODC) because within the office, they look at drug trafficking and drug abuse. Covid-19 has widely impacted the drug trade due to the restriction set out by governments, but that does not people are not dying due to drug overdose or simply being tricked and used as a test subject for upcoming drugs.


I find that the UNODC looks at how to abolish drug trading and criminal acts and that's something I stand for. 

Procedural President


Hayle Burton

At the moment, our topic is cyber crime and I think that the most three important topics are how it affect children, contributes terror attacks and coronavirus. I feel that these topics are quite important because they affect the pubic’s health and safety and personally I do believe that safety is number one for anyone. I would like the delegates to consider and debate these three topics. 


In conclusion, I am excited to participate in the MUN and I can’t wait to work with everyone and form connections. This is going to be a great experience! And good luck to all the delegates.

United Nations Environmental Assembly

  • On the question of managing the impacts of climate change in environmentally threatened countries.


Human Rights Council

  • Tackling the issue of prisoners of conscience (POC).

Oh, Yein - Head Chair - UNEA.jpg

Yein Oh

Head President

Esteemed Directors, Student Officers, Delegates, and Administration Staff, greetings and welcome to UNIS MUN. My name is Yein Oh and I am more than honored to be the head chair of the United Nations Environment Assembly. I am in 10th grade at UNIS Hanoi, and this is my second year in UNIS MUN. MUN is a great opportunity to increase skills such as speaking and research. I am excited to participate in the role of the head chair since it opens new doors to learning new skills. 


The UNEA addresses one of the major issues that are threatening the world, which is climate change. It is the world’s highest-level decision-making body on the environment with universal membership of all the 193 member states of the United Nations. Our committee sets priorities for global environmental policies and develops international environmental law. The committee contributes to the implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

In the upcoming November conference, the committee will discuss the question of: managing the impacts of climate change in environmentally threatened countries.

Climate change caused the sea levels to rise, and this has already caused Abanua and Tebua Tarawa, uninhabited islands, to disappear. This shows that climate change is threatening islands and further the countries near the ocean. With the rising sea levels, weather conditions are also changing. Change in temperature and rainfall impacts transmission patterns of different diseases, including water-related diseases like diarrhea and vector-borne infections like malaria. Developing countries are heavily dependent on the environment and resources. With ongoing climate change, these countries will not be able to cope with the rapid change. This causes malnutrition and increases in death. 


Regardless of past MUN experiences, joining the UNIS MUN November conference will make you a better debater, and teach you new skills. If this is your first conference, don’t worry and always keep in mind that you are improving your skills. I am looking forward to seeing you!

Deputy President

UNEA Dep. Chair - Kee Hung Giam.jpg

Kee Hung Giam

Greetings to all delegates, honourable directors, staff, and distinguished guests. My name is Kee Hung Giam, or you can call me Kenneth! I’m a Grade 10 student at the British School Jakarta, and I will be your Deputy Chair of the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) in UNISMUN 2021.


UNIS Hanoi has one of the most prominent MUN societies amongst ASEAN international schools, and UNISMUN is one of the region’s most prestigious high school MUN conferences - being able to chair here is truly an honour. 


The topic of ‘On the Question of Managing the Impacts of Climate Change in Environmentally-Threatened Countries’ links prominent economic and environmental issues together into an intrinsically-connected challenge, and as the world’s highest-level decision making body on the environment, UNEA is aptly equipped to address, tackle, and resolve it. 


This topic is multidimensional in a lot of different ways. First, the classification of ‘environmentally-threatened countries’ simply refers to countries vulnerable to climate change - they include developed, high-income countries like Japan and Germany, as well as underdeveloped countries such as Madagascar and Rwanda. It’ll be interesting to see how these countries with vastly different economic capabilities address a common challenge. Outside of economic capability, delegates also have to take into consideration the technology available to these member states. Infrastructure disparities will inevitably play a huge role in discussions, and I look forward to seeing how delegates can negotiate and arrive at a compromise. And last but not least, the forms of climate change these countries have to contend with vary as well. 


MUN can seem intimidating at first - researching, drafting, and speech-making are all skills that high school students don’t dabble in a lot. When I gave my first speech in MUN, I was terrified and self-conscious. Everyone feels that way at first! But always keep in mind, the first speech is the hardest of them all, and it gets easier and you get more confident. Remember, all the chairs will be there to support you! With that said, I’m looking forward to seeing you soon!

Procedural President


Jaehue Chan

Greetings, distinguished delegates, and a warm welcome to UNISMUN 2021 November Conference. I am a Junior at St.Paul Hanoi School Hanoi. It is an utmost honor to serve as your procedural chair in United Nations Environmental Assembly. The initial reason that I decided to join the MUN club was to improve my skills: public speaking and collaboration skills. These reasons why I have been involved in MUN for three years although I experienced adversity and challenges. 


United Nations Environmental Assembly is a part of the United Nations council focus on the environment in the world. Environmental issues such as global warming are extremely tough to resolve the problem since if the committee implements laws for the environment, they will limit the economic activities. During the conference, there would be highly likely to generate two blocks: a block stands for economic activities and environment. While disputes are inevitable, delegates will have to come up with the best solution and negotiation to resolve the forum. 


As you might be aware already, our forum is on the question of managing the impacts of climate change in environmentally threatened countries. Developing and island countries are especially vulnerable since they rarely have access to technology that prevents eccentric climate change and sea-level rises, respectively. Therefore, delegates need to focus on those countries specifically throughout the conference. 


I would like to applaud you for your decision to participate in this tough debate. In fact, the forum on this committee addresses the paramount importance of global peace. I urge you to put in your best effort and be confident while you have the floor. Also, I will be your best supporter! Do not hesitate to ask questions me! 

Human Rights Council

  • Tackling the issue of prisoners of conscience (POC).



  • Ensuring universal access to reproductive healthcare and legal abortion for women and girls.

Esteemed Directors, Student Officers, Delegates, and Administration Staff,


My name is Isabel Zaring and I am a senior at UNIS Hanoi. This year is my first experience as a chair, and I am honored to serve as the head chair of the Human Rights Committee in this year’s UNIS MUN November Conference. I have been part of MUN as a delegate for three years, and have enjoyed debating over complex and thought provoking issues with my peers. MUN has developed my ability to critically approach various issues, and I hope my role as a chair will help me grow even more. 


The Human Rights Committee focuses on the promotion and protection of all human rights globally. We will be focusing on tackling the issue of prisoners of conscience, people who are imprisoned on the grounds of non violent expression of political, religious, or other beliefs. Delegates may address key issues such as fair trials, freedom of speech and expression, and/or treatment of prisoners inside of prisons. By looking at the issue through their countries, delegates will be able to bring different perspectives to the debate and enjoy a fruitful discussion. 

Head President

Zaring, Isabel - HRC.jpg

Isabel Zaring

I hope that the delegates participating in this committee will be able to engage fully with this interesting, multifaceted topic. Regardless of prior experience, as long as delegates place their best effort in their engagement with this issue, we can reach a fun and rewarding debate. I am looking forward to the conference!

Greetings everyone, my name is Prasanna Maharajan. I will be the deputy chair for the Human Rights Council at the UNISMUN November conference. I am in 11th grade, currently attending the United Nations International School of Hanoi (UNIS). I joined Model UN to further develop my public speaking and negotiation skills, and to become acquainted with global issues. I applied for the position of Chair in hopes to enhance my leadership skills, this is the first time I am taking part in being a chair. 


The Human Rights Council Monitors whether the member states have adequate policies to ensure that their people have equal rights. In the HRC, we will be tackling the issue of prisoners of conscience (POC). Prisoners of Conscience are people who are imprisoned on the grounds of non violent expression such as their political views, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, social origin, race, language, birth, ect. Some examples of countries that partake in the Prisoners of Conscience are, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, and Russia. 

In my opinion the Human Rights Council is essential to ensure that every human has equal rights.

Deputy President

Maharajan, Prasanna - Deputy Chair - Human Rights Council.heic

Prasanna Maharajan

Important issues related to HCR that I would like the delegates to consider and debate are, freedom of speech, transparency of legal processes in prosecuting Prisoners of Conscience, and right to information. 


Joining the UNIS MUN November conference will benefit the delegates in various areas such as improving the delegates public speaking, debate, and collaboration skills. As the deputy chair, I will confidently guide the delegates with the best of my ability to ensure that the debate goes smoothly and is fair. I hope that all delegates speak up confidently and comfortably in the November conference.

Greetings, honorable delegates, student officers, directors, and advisors. I am Arial Lee who is currently a senior in Brent International School Subic, BISS, and I will be the procedural chair for the Human Rights Council for this UNISMUN. It is my first time attending UNISMUN and also as a chair of a conference. As an international conference, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my knowledge and interest with people that I usually can’t especially during the pandemic. As attending this conference as a chair for my first time, I am excited to interact with the delegates and learn new skills that I could not before.


The HRC, Human Rights Council, was established in 2006 to replace the former “Commission on Human Rights” which was criticized for its ineffectiveness. Specifically, the Human Rights Council is responsible for protecting and promoting human rights around the world and addressing situations where the rights are violated and making resolutions on them. For the upcoming conference in November, HRC will be discussing the topic of the issue of prisoners of conscience (POC). POC is someone who is imprisoned because of who they are, their identities.

Procedural President

_Lee, Seojin Arial.jpg

Seojin Lee

Delegates might want to focus on the key issues such as prisoners of conscience due to religion (ex. Uighurs), the amnesty international, and the impact of Covid-19 on prisoners of conscience. I believe that there are several different opinions and varying resolutions can result from this topic as there are different perspectives towards this problem among countries. 

I am looking forward to having a fruitful discussion in our committee with delegates being dedicated to the issue of POCs and how to protect and promote their human rights. With this, I would like to remind all delegates to be proud to step out of your boxes and make this conference a turning point to your life!


  • Ensuring universal access to reproductive healthcare and legal abortion for women and girls.

SDG5 - Miyuki Ishige.jpg

Miyuki Ishige

Head President

Greetings, esteemed Directors, Student Officers, Delegates, and Administration Staff. My Name is Miyuki Ishige and I will be the Head Chair of the SDG 5 committee at the UNISMUN November conference. I am currently a grade 12 student attending UNIS Hanoi, and this is my first time partaking as a chair. As I was a delegate of the SDG5 committee, the upcoming conference would be a milestone for me, where I hope to get enlightened by delegates and transcend my old self with new skills. 


Another essence of UNISMUN is to connect with students with shared interests in SDG 5. Speaking retrospectively, the UN’s support for women’s human rights roots in the founding Charter Article 1: “To achieve international co-operation in promoting and encouraging respect for human rights and for fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language or religion.” Specifically, the Commission on the Status of Women, established by ECOSOC in 1946, is the principal global intergovernmental body exclusively dedicated to shaping global standards on gender equality and the empowerment of women. 

In the upcoming November conference, the topic at stake for the SDG5 committee is universal access to reproductive healthcare and legal abortion for women and girls. Delegates might wish to address key issues such as legality of abortion, the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on women and girls’ reproductive health, and reproductive health of adolescents. I view the topic as sensitive yet dynamic in a way that individuals and countries hold varied opinions based on their beliefs and values. On the other hand, when delegates bring in the unique perspectives of their countries, there will surely be a fruitful discussion. 


Lastly, I would like to recognize the immense interests and efforts the delegates have infused into the global issue of gender equality. Regardless of your past experience in MUN, I believe that the process of research, weekly debates, and the November conference will be a meaningful chapter of your life! 

Deputy President

Nguyen, Ngan Ha - Deputy Chair SDG5.jpg

Nguyen Ngan Ha

Greetings delegates! I am Ha Nguyen, a senior at the British International School Hanoi and I am very excited to be chairing at UNIS MUN this November. I have been doing MUN since 2018 and this is my third time chairing. What I enjoy about UNISMUN are the connections that UNIS MUN has as it creates a great opportunity for you, the delegates, to branch out and make new friends. 

The reason why I am interested in SDG5 is that it is an important cause that is always being spoken about and fought for worldwide. This is shown through protests in regards to abortion rights like in Texas currently or last year (2020) in Poland. For LEDCs, funding and lack of education on the topic is a large issue like in Zambia where 80% of adolescent girls are having sexual intercourse without knowing of safe sex. Even though it is such a global issue, countries are often tackling it by themselves and oftentimes, they often do so without thinking of women and girls who are most impacted by it. The scale of this issue varies from national laws to societal awareness and it all must get addressed. 

The three most important issues which I want you, the delegates, to consider during the debate are educating young girls on safe intercourse in LEDCs, adopting better abortion laws all over the world and making contraceptives accessible to all. 

Once again, I am very excited to see you all there participating and debating on the topic at hand and I hope for a fruitful debate!

Procedural President

Wang, Yuan - Procedural Chair - SDG5.jpeg

Yuan Wang

Greetings, honorable delegates, distinguished guests, and respected administrators. I am Yuan, the Procedural Chair of SDG5 for UNISMUN’s November 2021 Conference. Many say that they joined MUN because of public speaking or diplomacy, but I joined MUN because it seemed interesting. In middle school, I got invited to watch a different practice debate and thought it was interesting and fun. From there, I’ve been a delegate and a student officer, but I’ve always really enjoyed MUN and hope that the delegates of SDG5 will too.


I wanted to be a part of SDG5 because I felt like the issues here are especially relevant to daily life. Everything debated in MUN are important global issues, of course, but it can be difficult to trace the immediate impact of an event that happens in a country halfway across the world. Furthermore, with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic disproportionately affecting women around the world, I hope that being in SDG5 can benefit my own knowledge and actions on this topic.


This is a divisive issue, but that could benefit your own growth. I believe that the most understanding is gained when one debates from the perspective of a country with differing views compared to oneself. Comparing perspectives and ideas helps in understanding not just what the situation is, but also why it is this way. I encourage delegates to look beyond countries that are commonly seen on the news because every region has unique circumstances that could affect a solution’s implementation. Also, being cognizant of the covid-19 pandemic’s impact will inform a more comprehensive solution. Lastly, considering root causes of gender inequality and issues could benefit a solution looking to solve the issue in a long term manner.


MUN can be difficult and confusing, but most people are happy to explain or give a hand to new delegates. Even for more experienced delegates, I hope that this committee will challenge you and force you to think in new ways. I look forward to an educational and productive debate come November.

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