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Meet our Delegation Ambassadors!

For the ISPPMUN Conference

United Kingdom

Greta Mawe


Fellow delegates, honorable chairs and most esteemed guests, 


My name is Greta Måwe and I am currently a freshman at the United Nations International School of Hanoi. The ISPP conference is my first ever traveling conference after a year of MUN experience in distance learning. What motivated me to become a part of the UNIS MUN was to explore international relations and debate current urging global issues. For the ISPP conference, I am looking forward to meeting new delegates from different schools & backgrounds and contributing to fruitful debates.


I am honored and delighted to be attending this conference as a delegate for the United Kingdom in the GA2 comittee as well as the delegate ambassador for the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom for short, is a country located in western Europe. The country was one of the founding nations of the United Nations and holds a permanent membership in the Security Council. United Kingdom is a part of the military alliance NATO and the King of England is the head of the Commonwealth, an association of former British colonies. 


In the ISPP conference we have six delegates from UNIS representing the United Kingdom in the Security Council, GA1, GA3, SDG 4, ECOSOC and ESCAP. Some of the topics that will be discussed during this conference include the situation in Ukraine, the legalisation of drugs, the question of legalizing abortion, the question of sea level. The United Kingdoms goals in this conference is to strive for a cease of illegal deforestation and wildlife trade globally, promote peace in Ethiopia and Ukraine, support Palestine, oppose the legalization of drugs and more. 


I am looking forward the ISPP conference as it is not only my first travelling conference but the first in real life conference for me. I´m hoping that the delegates of the United Kingdom as well as all other delegates will have a chance to engage in interesting debates, make new connections and have great time during this conference.


Maly Bullard

ISPP DA Zim.jpg

Honourable chairs, distinguished delegates and other respectable guests,


My name is Maly Bullard, and I am a senior currently enrolled in UNIS Hanoi. I am honoured to be participating in this conference as a delegate in ECOSOC and the delegation ambassador for the Republic of Zimbabwe. With 3 years of experience in model UN already, traveling to Cambodia for ISPP MUN will provide the opportunity to interact with and learn from other students from different schools and backgrounds. I look forward to debating current issues and developing strategic solutions to address them. Formerly a self-governing British colony, Zimbabwe joined the United Nations in 1980 and has remained an active member ever since. Some current concerns that will be discussed in the conference include drug legalisation, rainforest conservation and “net zero” goals for greenhouse gas emissions. Zimbabwe’s main goal is to cooperate with other nations and devise well thought out resolutions that contribute to peace-peeking operations around the world. In such a turbulent world, we believe in burden sharing and peaceful multilateralism to achieve results. Zimbabwe shall endeavour to become better understood by the community of sovereign nations through interactions with other delegates.


Above all else, I am hoping for a lively and engaging conference where everyone actively participates and feels they are making a difference. As a delegation ambassador, I will do my best to lead my fellow delegates and provide advice where needed. This will be my first and last conference abroad, so my other goal is to correspond with and get to know delegates from other schools and nations. As someone with over 5 conferences of experience, it can still be quite nerve wracking! I lend encouragement to the delegation of Zimbabwe and everyone else in the conference.


Chae Yeon Park


 Greetings honorable directors, student officers, delegates, and the most esteemed guests, I am Chae Yeon Park, a sophomore at United Nations International School. This is my first year participating in MUN, thus my first international conference. The main reason why I wanted to join MUN was to understand and suggest a possible solution for unsolved international problems. More exclusively for ISPP MUN, I understand that it is the first face-to-face conference after 2019 for most of us, and I really wanted to debate international issues with delegates from different backgrounds. 


I am both excited and privileged to be a Delegation Ambassador for Viet Nam in the 2022 ISPP MUN conference, in addition to being a chair for the 2022 UNISMUN November conference. Viet Nam is a country located in southeast Asia, thus a part of ASEAN countries, which joined in 1996. In terms of Happiness, Viet Nam ranked 5th on the Happy Planet Index by scoring 40.3 points. Happy planet measures the happiness of the country in using 4 criteria: well-being; longevity; how equally well-being and longevity are distributed; and ecological footprint. 


To give a brief overview of Viet Nam’s position in 3 committees that Viet Nam is represented by delegates, for GA3, Viet Nam is against the legalization of drugs as it is very conservative towards drugs. For settlement of refugees, Viet Nam is welcoming Refugees and has multiple policies to make them settle in Viet Nam. In addition, the conscientious objection to the military, Viet Nam is against it, as the military is compulsory in Viet Nam. For GA4, the topics were: The question of protecting Palestanians in occupied territories, The question of peaceful use of outer space, and The question of international cooperation to clear unexploded ordinances of war. Viet Nam generally agrees on the topics, and try their best to create suiting resolution for all of those topics. For HRC, the topics were: The question of legalising abortions, The question of protecting civilians in times of military conflict, and The question of capital punishment. According to reserch, Viet Nam agrees on every topic and will be discussed during the conference. 


I am truly excited and looking forward to the ISPP MUN October conference, as it is the first international conference for me, and after 2019 for other delegates and chairs. I hope that this opportunity will make not only me but also other delegates and chairs grow. 

Saudi Arabia

Harsh Shrivastav


Honorable directors chairs, delegates, and respected guests, 


My name is Harsh Shrivastav and I am currently a senior in UNIS Hanoi. I am honored and excited to be participating in the ISPPMUN conference as the delegation ambassador for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I have lived internationally throughout my life in 6 countries and arrived in Hanoi, Vietnam in 2020 to graduate from UNIS. I always had a deep interest in politics and MUN was something I had witnessed in most of the schools I had been a part of, so I knew I wanted to be a part of it in high school. This is the first opportunity I have had to be a part of that process in a traveling conference after the pandemic. 


I will be representing The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a part of the Economic and Social Council. As the world’s largest middle-eastern country by landmass and largest exporter of Oil and petroleum, Saudi Arabia plays a crucial role in world economy and the other issues discussed. The Saudi Green Initiative is representative of a huge step forward against the fight of rainforest destruction in terms of protecting the 1% forestry that the country holds as well as the global fight towards climate change. In another progressive step that the country enforces is the question of disability accessible places through the rights it gives its citizens and the development it has shown. Additionally, Saudi Arabia hopes to further collaborations within the middle east and other countries regarding the questions of war induced commodity supply crises such as food. 


I am really looking forward to experiencing this conference and the diversity of people involved. As a part of the MUN Leadership Team here at UNIS, I will do my best to lead my fellow delegates as a delegation ambassador as well as bring my own international experience and perspective to the table. 

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