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SDG 9 Digital Council

Issues and Reports

  • The question of digital footprint erasure and digital anonymity. 

  • The question of access to internet for vulnerable and marginalized populations. 

  • The question of regulation of planned obsolescence.

Head Chair

 Rohan Joshi

SDG9 Head.jpg

Greeting Honorable Chairs and Fellow Delegates, 

My name is Rohan Joshi and I am currently in Grade 10 at the United Nations International School, Hanoi. For the upcoming UNIS MUN 2023 March conference, I will be serving as the Head Chair for the SDG 9 committee. The SDG 9 committee focuses on the infrastructure, industry and innovation part of the sector in the United Nations General Assembly. 

This March conference will mark my 6th MUN conference and my 2nd year chairing. 


For the UNISMUN 2023 March Conference, we tackle the theme: What can we do to bring balance to asymmetries of power? This theme heavily impacts the SDG 9 topic to promote the differences in power among the utilization of the internet and networks itself. Additionally, we see an inequality between the vulnerable population who do not have access to simple services such as the internet compared to higher powers. 


For the upcoming March Conference, the SDG 9 committee will focus on the issue of digital footprint erasure and digital anonymity. In our growing world, we can see an increasing number of users across the digital platform. With this staggering amount, we are exposed to our footprints across multiple sites and are exposed to identities on multiple social media platforms. It is important to maintain the protections of our identity on the internet and the anonymity of ourselves across the digital platform overall. 


Another topic we look forward to debate is on the question of access to the internet for vulnerable and marginalized populations. Over the past few decades, low income countries have not been able to gain access to the internet or electricity of any kind and this topic will raise interesting perspectives regarding the cost, responsibility of providing the larger population access to the internet. Finally, the committee will discuss the issue of regulation of planned obsolescence.


I hope in the upcoming March conference, delegates will be able to express their opinions and partake in fruitful debates among other like minded delegates to craft resolutions that will impact the global world. I am looking forward to seeing everyone in March!

Deputy Chair

Tanuska Bora

SDG9 Deputy.png

Greetings and welcome, honorable chairs, esteemed directors, and distinguished delegates to the UNISMUN March conference of 2023! 


My name is Tanuska Bora, a junior from UNIS Hanoi. I’m honored to be taking part in the conference as the deputy chair of SDG 9. This will mark the 4th conference that I will be attending, and my second as a chair. I am looking forward to having a  productive debate and am grateful for this exciting opportunity.


The question, "What can we do to bring balance to the growing asymmetries of power?", highlights the disparity of power between parties which can jeopardize digital anonymity, access to the internet, and the sustainability of the environment. SDG 9 aims to promote the development of sustainable infrastructure in developing nations by providing better financial and technological support. SDG 9 will be tackling three main issues. 


The first issue is “the question of digital footprint erasure and digital anonymity”. As for the rapid digitalization of the world, having a digital footprint can have several drawbacks, including unsolicited solicitations, limited privacy, and security. Hence it is important to ensure the safety and protection of our digital identities across all digital platforms. The second issue focuses on “access to the internet for vulnerable and marginal populations”. Around the world marginal groups have lesser internet access compared to the more dominant groups, this brings several viewpoints regarding the expenses and responsibilities of government-led providers. And lastly “the question of regulation of planned obsolescence”. 


I believe many different perspectives can be raised by delegates with the end goal of building effective resolutions. I urge all delegates to put in their best efforts, be active during the debate, and most importantly have fun!! I look forward to a fruitful debate ahead!

Procedural Chair

Zain Allaboun

SDG9 Procedural.jpg

Esteemed directors, distinguished delegates, fellow chairs and honorable guests, hello and welcome to the UNISMUN March 2023 conference!


My name is Zain Allaboun, and I am a 9th grader at ACS Amman. I have 4 years of MUN experience; however, this will be my first time serving as a chair. 


The question of this conference, “what can we do to bring balance to the growing asymmetries of power?” is one of great complexity. The majority of conflict begins as an imbalance in power, and it is necessary to correct this disparity before escalation is evident. SDG 9 aims to build resilient infrastructure while promoting industrialization in a manner which is inclusive and sustainable. The SDG 9 will be focusing on 3 main issues which will follow this belief and will contribute to answering the overall question of the conference. 


Firstly, we will be debating the question of digital footprint erasure and digital anonymity. As our world evolves, digitalization is becoming increasingly relevant and the existence of digital footprints can have severe consequences. It is crucial that we find a way to maintain anonymity online. The second issue targets the question of access to the internet for vulnerable and marginalized populations. The lack of internet access to marginalized populations can be traced back to the roots of marginalization itself. We must analyze the initial causes in order to truly understand the effects. Finally, we will be examining the question of the regulation of planned obsolescence. Currently, there are no universal nor federal laws regarding planned obsolescence, meaning that this will open up various perspectives and a wide range of creative solutions to explore. 


I look forward to reflective deliberation and a compelling debate! I’m honored to have this opportunity, and I can’t wait to meet all of you in the spring! 

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