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SDG 5 Committee

Issues and Reports

  • The question of bodily autonomy of women and girls. 

  • The question of gender based violence. 

Head Chair

Seoyeong Choi

SDG5 Head.jpg

Greetings to all honourable directors, student officers, and delegates.


Hello, my name is Seoyeong, and I am currently a junior at UNIS. I will be participating in the upcoming november conference as a head chair of SDG5 Committee. I am so excited to participate in this committee, as I believe it is crucial for men and women to have equal power and equal opportunities. This is my second year participating in MUN and first year chairng. As my past experiences in MUN have helped me to improve my cooperation skill and develop a wider perspective of viewing world issues, I am certain that this conference will be a valuable and memorable conference for you all too.


Sustainable Development Goal 5 is a goal set in place by the UN in which they try to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. This committee aims to increase recognition of this global issue and heighten commitment from the global community to achieve this goal. 


In the upcoming november conference, SDG5 Committee will be debating on these topics: ‘the question of bodily autonomy of women and girls’ and ‘the question of gender based violence.’ The COVID-19 pandemic has deepened crises that threaten women and girls around the world. As a result, the conflicts between different genders have never been more violent than during the last two years. In regards to the current situation, I really hope to see delegates’ critical thinking and profound opinions on this topic throughout the debate.    


Participating in a MUN conference is really a privilege, therefore, I really encourage you all to engage actively in the conference. As a head chair, I will try my best to lead everyone and treat every participant equally throughout the conference. See you all at the 2022 November UNIS MUN conference!

Deputy Chair

Donghan Kim

SDG5 Deputy.png

Greetings honourable chairs, distinguished delegates, and most esteemed guests.


Hello, my name is Donghan Kim, currently a 10th grader at UNIS. I’ve been involved with the MUN community since 9th grade. I have many valuable skills such as public-speaking and organisation. I am honoured to serve as your Deputy Chair in the upcoming conference, and I hope that all participants will enjoy this great opportunity. The theme of ‘Are we capable of finding sustainable solutions to our current sources of insecurity?’ will help us truly understand what is going around in the world, and find various solutions regarding these problems.


In the SDG 5 committee, we thrive towards the goal set in place by the UN in which they try to achieve gender equality. This year, we will be focusing on questions regarding ‘The question of bodily autonomy of women and girls.’ and ‘The question of gender based violence.’. 

The six core types of GBV—Rape, Sexual Assault, Physical Assault, Forced Marriage, Denial of Resources Opportunities or Services, and Psychological / Emotional Abuse is something I strongly think is important and also believe that people should not walk the street in fear of experiencing GBV. The previously mentioned questions of the committee is a sensitive yet significant topic and through this conference, I wish to hear many different perspectives upon it, whether it be for or against. 


I hope this experience will help delegates improve their public speaking skills and enhance their critical thinking skills to come up with a well thought out resolution. As the Deputy chair of SDG 5, I will guide the delegates to the best of my ability to ensure that the debate goes smoothly. Whether or not this is your first time in MUN, I am looking forward to a great conference. Wishing you all the best.

Procedural Chair

Hoang Khai Hoang

SDG5 Procedural.png

Greetings to all honourable and esteemed directors, delegates, and administrators,

My name is Hoang Khai.  It is my honour to serve as the Procedural Chair of the SDG 5 committee at the upcoming November conference. I am currently in grade 11 attending the United Nations School of Ha Noi (UNIS Ha Noi), and this would happen to be my first year participating in the Model United Nations as a Procedural Chair. I am looking forward to this great opportunity to meet amazing delegates from around the world and I hope to gain more valuable experiences from this conference which I can carry to future conferences. I have currently not attended any conferences though I am very eager to experience my first conference in person along with all delegates who are as interested in the Model United Nations as I am. I hope to further develop my public speaking skills within the conference and I hope to make it a pleasant experience for all of the delegates, administrators, and directors from other schools at UNIS Ha Noi. 


Sustainable Development Goal 5 focuses on gender equality which aims to end all forms of discrimination and violence against all women and girls. I passionately support SDG 5 because issues relating to violence and discrimination towards women and girls are visible in the modern world and many attempts on putting gender inequalities to an end. Within this November conference, we will be focusing on questions regarding ‘The question of bodily autonomy of women and girls.’ and ‘The question of gender based violence.’


In Addition to this, the committee deals with topics that can be seen as very sensitive in which different countries and individuals, in reality, have their own ideologies which they stand strongly behind which creates a very diverse and distinctive solution that may be difficult to apply to the real world. My desire to be a part of this committee is strongly driven because I strongly believe that issues relation gender inequality must be addressed appropriately. As the procedural chair for the SDG 5 committee, I advise the delegates to engage within the conference and to be open to different opinions.

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