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GA2: Economic & Financial Committee

Issues and Reports

  • The question of internationalization of natural resources. 

  • The question of mandatory minimum living wage in light of inflation.

  • The question of green tax.

Head Chair

Gia Bao Nguyen

GA2 Head.jpg

Greetings fellow chairs, distinguished delegates, and esteemed guests,


My name is Bao and I am a senior at Hanoi International School. I enjoy playing and watching football, basketball, and volleyball, photography, arts, and last but not least, POLITICS! I have participated in 16 conferences since 2016 (6 as delegate, 10 as chair). I recently served as Under-Secretary-General for Research for a conference and I am leading my school’s MUN Club for 2 years.


This year’s theme, “What can we do to bring balance to the growing asymmetries of power?”, lies at the heart of many global issues currently and threatens the stability of the global order which we have known for so long.  


The Economic and Financial Committee is not immune to this threat. GA2’s first topic, internationalization of natural resources, courageously examines the world’s current interdependence to ensure natural resource needs. Resources are by nature unevenly distributed and thus connect nicely with the conference theme. The second topic, mandatory living wage in light of inflation, is very practical and head-on, since implementing this proposal requires financial and technical capabilities that not all countries have. The last topic, green tax, strongly applies to one of the largest global issues currently: climate change. Just this year, the OECD agreed to a global minimum tax on corporations, and recently, COP27 acknowledged the necessity of a loss-and-damage fund for climate disasters. Can we continue this success streak with the green tax?


Delegates, what I realized over these years is that the awards and titles don’t matter as much as the experiences you gain from MUN, which could be trying different committees (my personal favourite), meeting new people, or becoming a better orator and leader. So, take a deep breath, march with your heads high, and give this conference your best effort! 

Deputy Chair

 Maly Bullard

GA2 Deputy.jpg

Honorable chairs, distinguished delegates and respectable guests,


My name is Maly Bullard, and I am a senior from UNIS Hanoi. I am honored to be participating in this conference as deputy chair for the General Assembly 2. With 4 years of experience in MUN, I confidently look forward to overseeing the debate of current issues and developing strategic solutions to address them.


GA2 will be tackling issues regarding the effectiveness of the economy in a risk society amidst such a turbulent sociopolitical climate. The first topic, internationalization of natural resources, looks to investigate the relationship between global trade and the balance of distributing natural resources. Delegates will also examine the necessary minimum living wage in light of inflation and contributions to growing economic anxiety; coping with the immediate effects are crucial. Many people's living standards have been threatened, leading to an imbalance of power in society. Finally, GA2 will be challenged to delve into the extent to which green taxes can benefit the environment and the economy through the redirection of funds away from corporations and into environmentally-friendly initiatives.


Above all else, I am hoping for a lively and engaging conference where everyone actively participates and feels they are making a difference. Although I am very familiar with the ins and outs of MUN, it is my first time as a chair and I am a bit nervous. I will do my best to lead the delegates and provide advice where needed. This will be my first and last conference, so another goal is to correspond with and get to know students from other schools and nations. Even as someone with over 7 conferences of experience, it can still be quite nerve wracking! I lend encouragement to my fellow chairs, the delegates of GA2 and everyone else in the conference.

Procedural Chair

Minh (Emily) Do Ngoc Nguyen

GA1 Procedural.jpg

Greetings fellow chairs, distinguished delegates, and honorable guests,


My name is Emily Nguyen, a junior at American International School Vietnam, and I am delighted to serve as the procedural chair for General Assembly 2 of the upcoming UNISMUN March Conference.


Under the theme, “What can we do to bring balance to the growing asymmetries of power?”, being a part of General Assembly 2 will challenge delegates to deliberate about the unequal distribution of different types of resources (such as money, knowledge or political authority) across the array of actors involved in governance arrangements economically, socially, and economically. 


The topics for debate of GA2 are as follows:

  1. The question of internationalization of natural resources. The possession of power--in many ways--may manifest itself into the possession of resources. As delegates promote their country’s stance, approaching the issue with a proactive manner will help delegates in grasping the issue and reaching constructive consensus 

  2. The question of mandatory minimum living wage in light of inflation. This topic challenge delegates to trace power asymmetries and explore all of the stakeholders’ viewpoints in regards to the issue before going into debate

  3. The question of green tax. This topic touches upon one of the most significant issue in today’s world as we are plagued with countless environmental-damaging problems that arise from activities that uphold the world economically (and socially) such as generating power, manufacturing goods, etc.


With such intriguing issues of profound importance to all countries and people, delegates will constantly be thinking about the economical, social, and environmental implications of solutions during their discourse and thereby be able to understand the very nature of General Assembly 2 in relation to some of today’s most pressing concerns. On top of that, delegates are reminded to always try to step out of their comfort zone to cultivate fruitful debates, gain meaningful insights, and forge unforgettable memories.

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