Special Council - Culture and Heritage Protection

Mentor: Ms. Michelle Wise

Deputy President

Giwoo Kim (Concordia)


Binh Vu (UNIS Hanoi)

Esteemed Directors, Student Officers, Delegates, and Guests, welcome to UNISMUN XII. My name is Binh Vu and I am honored to serve as your President of the Special Council this year. As a sophomore, this is my second time attending UNISMUN. Joining MUN marked my first encounter with the global issues that we face today. My experience has transformed me into a better global citizen, challenged me to be openminded and to think critically, and equipped me with valuable skills that I can apply to my daily life.

Since my first conference, my passion for MUN has not lessened, and I hope I will get to see the same passion from you all during the conference. No matter how experienced you are, I encourage you to challenge yourself, step out of your comfort zone, and speak up. Let your voice be heard! Though having done this before, I still have a lot to learn; so I hope we can learn new things together but at the same time still have fun and create great memories! With that said, I am looking forward to seeing you all in March.


My name is Gi Woo Kim and I will be serving as the Deputy President of this year’s Special Council, highlighting culture and heritage protection. It’s an honor to represent Concordia International School Hanoi as a senior with much pleasure in UNISMUN XII. 


Reflecting to the theme of this year’s UNISMUN, I want us to keep in mind of cultural aspects and issues when it comes to debating. Whether you are in the Special Council or not, I believe the idea and concept of culture can be utilized in any committees in UNISMUN. Culture can define nationality, individuality, and identity. It will broaden our perspectives and think outside our comfort zones.


Attending MUN conferences provided inspiration, motivation, challenge, and awareness to me. It allowed me to see global threats and issues with a realistic perspective and how we can act on it. Nevertheless, as much as MUN conferences can be formal and sometimes intimidating, please do not forget to have fun. You get to build connections, interact, and most importantly, share cultures! Whether you are an experienced MUN attendee or a first-timer, we are all here with the same purpose. So please come by and greet me anytime. I will greet you back with a full smile on my face! Everyone, good luck and have fun at UNISMUN XII!    

Procedural President

Min Jae (Eileen) Kang (UNIS Hanoi)

Hello Everyone! 


My name is Eileen Kang and I am delighted to be serving as the Procedural Chair of the Special Committee at UNISMUN XII 2021. As a junior at United Nations International School of Hanoi, I have had the pleasure of attending four conferences as different positions over the past two years. Through MUN, I encountered a series of challenges that strengthened my competence in MUN as well as my interpersonal skills. Although conferences can be a challenging process, it is very rewarding in the end, and I hope all Delegates can share this enjoyable experience.  


I am looking forward to seeing fruitful debates for three days and seeing delegates establish resolutions so we can collectively learn and grow as a committee! 


See you in March! 

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