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Security Council

Issues and Reports

  • The issue of Post-Conflict Ukraine

  • The issue of Sustainable Security for indigenous, minority, and vulnerable populations. 


Thao Hien Pham

Head Chair

A warm welcome to esteemed directors, chairs, delegates, administrative staff and guests!


My name is Hien, I am a senior at Singapore International School, and I am delighted to be your Head Chair for this year’s Security Council. I have been doing MUN for 4 years and this will be my second UNISMUN conference chairing.


This year’s theme- “finding sustainable solutions to our sources of insecurity” hits home for me. This past summer, I have gotten the amazing opportunity to work with professors, guest lecturers, and researchers who themselves have worked with the UN, in a Sustainable Development course at St. Andrews University in the UK. This experience aligns with my line of personal research and passion surrounding sustainability and combating inequality. Although enlightening, this also made me realise the pressing issues of our natural and social world which are severely neglected and underreported. Personally, I view our collective ignorance as a source of motivation to educate ourselves and those around us; with that being said, I hope for a fruitful debate on this theme across all committees, as well as connecting with all the chairs and delegates alike this November.


Despite the war the Russian Federation raged on innocent lives not yet seeing an ending, post-war planning is imperative to laying the framework for more stability and peace for Ukrainians. This is encompassed in the broader topic of sustainable security, not only focusing on military threats but also on developmental, humanitarian and environmental concerns underlying insecurity. 


Although all committees are of incomparable significance, the Security Council has a special role in peacekeeping, addressing military operations, conflicts and their diplomatic settlement. With this responsibility, comes unique flairs like the veto power of the P5 which adds an intricate layer of intensity to the debate which I hope delegates are prepared for and flexible in embracing. Once again, I am honoured to be your Head Chair and will be looking forward to seeing and supporting all delegates in the debate.

Deputy Chair

Hayle Burton

Security Procedural.png

Greetings and salutations delegates, student officers, directors, and guests!

My name is Hayle Burton and I am a 12th grader at the Reigate Grammar School of Vietnam. This is my second time attending as a chair in MUN and I look forward to it! I am honored to participate in the MUN once again because I highly support the work of the MUN and I feel that there are many issues in the world that are not addressed and I see the MUN as a place to tackle controversial topics.

In the security council, we monitor international peace and security. The council takes action in determining the existence of a threat or an act of aggression and decides, along with the called parties, how to settle the dispute peacefully. There are times were sanctions or authorized force are used to maintain a level of international peace and security.

The next issue we will be focusing on is the issue of sustainability security for indigenous, minority, and vulnerable populations. We will be focusing on how we can provide more opportunities and support for indigenous people and minorities while seeing how we can benefit from them as well. Personally, this topic resonates with me a lot because I am a minority and I think that it is important to not ignore the needs of indigenous and minorities, as they are people as well.


This November , I hope the significant issues will be resolved and I can’t wait to see everyone soon!

Procedural Chair

Rohan Joshi

Security Deputy.jpg

Honourable Chairs, fellow delegates and esteemed guests, 


My name is Rohan Joshi and I am in grade 10 at the United Nations International School of Hanoi. I have been involved with MUN for 3 years and have participated in 10+ conferences. I have a growing passion in music, art and studying and want to pursue a career in Mathematics or Science. I am extremely honoured to be serving as a Procedural Chair for the United Nations Security Council in the upcoming November conference. 

I believe that the importance of the UN Security Council to maintain international peace and security and the council will intervene whenever the peace is disturbed. 


In the Security Council, we’ll focus on the issue of post-conflict Ukraine and the issue of sustainable security of indigineous, minority and vulnerable populations. For the first issue, we will focus on the economical, social and diplomatic impact that the Russia-Ukraine conflict has brought to Ukraine and the rest of the world. The Russia-Ukraine war also had an outsized impact on the global supply chain, impeding the flow of goods, fueling dramatic cost increases and product shortages, and creating catastrophic food shortages around the world. 


For the second issue, we will focus on the question of how minority groups have a negative footprint and face the biggest obstacle of the effects of climate change. It is important to highlight the poor land and the subsequent deterioration of their ecosystem, where many of them face the issue of extinction. 


I hope to lead a fruitful and challenging discussion with the delegates and be able to hear the bright resolutions of the delegates to solve current world problems. 


Looking forward to seeing everybody at the November conference! 

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