Security Council

Mentor: Mr. Carlo Palusci 

Deputy President

Nhat Minh Do (LFAY)


Long Tran (UNIS Hanoi)

Esteemed Directors, Student Officers, Delegates, Admin Staff, and Guests,

Greetings and welcome to UNISMUN. My name is Long Tran and I will be serving as your President of the Security Council for the Twelfth Annual UNISMUN. I am currently in 12th grade here at UNIS and began my MUN journey back in 8th grade. Since then, I have had the opportunity to attend many different conferences both locally and internationally. I have learned so much from all of the conferences I have been to, both as a delegate and a student officer and I hope that, regardless of how little or how much experience you may have in MUN, UNISMUN will be a great learning experience for you too. MUN has allowed me to take great interest in the global issues we face today, keeping me up to date with the very intriguing issues on the agenda of the UNISMUN Security Council this year. I look forward to meeting everyone in February, make sure that you come well prepared with relevant knowledge and a willingness to speak and listen to others! 

Greetings all. My name is Nhat Minh Do, a senior currently studying in the French School of Hanoi (LFAY). UNISMUN XII I will be my third UNISMUN. This year I will attend as the Deputy Chair of the Security Council. Model United Nations is a great platform for brilliant young adults like us to share our ideas, which is why I recommend it to you all and congratulate all of the brave ones who are participating. For those who will be in the Security Council, I am sure this is not your conference so the only advice that I can give you is be bold and have fun! I look forward to meeting you all at UNISMUN XII!

Procedural President

Michelle Huang (SAS PD)

Welcome, distinguished directors, guests, and delegates to UNISMUN XII!


My name is Michelle Huang and I’m delighted to be serving as your Procedural Chair of the Security Council. As a student from Shanghai American School Pudong, I’ve been blessed with many conference opportunities from a young age. Despite having attended numerous conferences either as a Chair or as a delegate, I still find myself learning invaluable lessons from each experience. From one conference to the next, I have come to understand that what makes a committee truly memorable far surpasses the awards or how many speeches delegates can make––rather, it’s how they can target paramount world issues with a sensitivity and awareness through their words.


This year’s theme, “Culture and Heritage Protection,” requires more acute communication than ever. In an increasingly polarising world where even global platforms are being drowned out by divisive language, I hope that UNISMUN XII will be a reminder for us to return to the fundamentals of how we connect, rather than divide. Language barriers, cultural values, and national politics may distinct one from another, but where we learn to negotiate is where we begin to understand and move forward. See you at this year’s UNISMUN!

Faculty Mentor

Mr. Carlo Palusci is the mentor of the Security Council for UNISMUN XII. 


When asked about what the value of MUN can be, Mr. Palusci shared:


"You get out of MUN what you put into it. I have seen students do brilliant work but I have also seen many students just sort of slide by. I think what the value of MUN can be is that it teaches you how to become engaged in current events - it gives you a real holistic understanding of the issues, unlike the 30-second reports you find on the news. It really is an in-depth study, the process of working on MUN really sets you up for your university studies."


Mr. Palusci had this to say about the topics on the agenda of the Security Council this year:


"All four topics are very current - they certainly are prominent on the news, particularly the UN news. The one that interests me the most is the question of Kurdistan because I lived in Turkey for a while so I know that it is an issue that has really been avoided by many. I met people who come from Kurdish areas while teaching in Istanbul and I think it is a very volatile subject because Turkey has a very strong voice with a dictator at this time and Kurdish people have been denied so many rights. 

For the delegates who will be working on resolutions on the question of Kurdistan - be very prepared to know the history of the Kurdish people because the arguments, I think, are very strong within the denied genocide against their people and the fact that the UN has not directly addressed the issue. Turkey is a very powerful voice in the Middle East and the UN has been afraid of addressing the issue." 

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