Human Rights Council

Mentor: Ms. Jane Gibbons & Mr. Franko Cifizzari


Flora Hamilton (UNIS Hanoi)

Deputy President

Cynthia Wang (SAS PD)

I would like to welcome our esteemed directors and delegates, to UNIS MUN XII! My name is Flora Hamilton and I am honored to serve as the President of the Human Rights Council. I am currently in grade 12 at UNIS Hanoi, where I started my MUN journey. I have participated in MUN for the past three years where I have learnt the necessary skills of debate, professionalism, correct procedures and explored my passion for specific topics. From being an international student my whole life I understand the importance and complexity of the global issues that will be discussed. I hope to empower delegates and inspire them to work together to produce dynamic solutions to worldwide issues. Finally, I hope to ensure all delegates receive several opportunities, whether experienced or not, to create a positive environment and atmosphere. I am certain that UNIS MUN will be a valuable and enjoyable experience and I look forward to meeting everyone in March! If you have any questions feel free to contact me at

Esteemed directors, student officers, delegates, and guests:


Welcome to UNISMUN XII! My name is Cynthia Wang, and it is my honor to serve as your Deputy President of the Human Rights Council. Five years ago, I started my MUN journey in Shanghai, China. Now, having served previously in two Human Rights Councils as a chair, I cannot wait to serve at UNISMUN in the committee that kickstarted my deep dive into global politics. I hope we can maintain constructive, diplomatic debate with dedication and compassion. No matter if you are a new delegate or a veteran, we welcome you to this conference, and we hope that you leave UNISMUN having gained valuable political experience. I look forward to meeting you all in March!

Procedural President

Do Huong Giang (Hanoi Amsterdam)

Honorable Delegates,

Welcome to the Human Rights Council at UNISMUN XII. I am thrilled to welcome you as
delegates to our committee. My name is Giang Do, and I will serve as your Procedural Chair of the HRC during the conference. I’m currently a junior of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted. This is my third season of Model UN, yet my feelings of excitement towards the commencement of every conference is still fresh and new; UNISMUN XII, of course, is no exception. I truly look forward to meeting you all, and seeing the work you do to take your research material to the next level of sophistication and diplomacy.
While you prepare for the conference and during the conference itself, I hope you keep in mind the goal of international cooperation in the mission of the United Nations. Acknowledging our differences in backgrounds and opinions while striving for a better, more prosperous world together, that is the ultimate objective we all should bear in mind.


I have great faith in all of you, and see you soon!

Faculty Mentor

As the president of the Human Rights Council I got the opportunity to work with two amazing faculty members who helped guide me to gain a deeper understanding of the topics. Firstly, Mrs Jane Gibbons, who is the HS Individual & Society and DP Psychology teacher, along with Mr Franko Cifizzari the HS Counselor. At our final meeting I asked my mentors some questions and they shared final thoughts on the conference and topics. 


Firstly, I asked what they think the value of MUN is. Mr Cifizzari responded, “MUN is an extremely valuable co-curricular activity. It allows students to not only articulate ideas that they have formed but it also puts them in positions to have to represent particular countries that maybe don't align with their own ideas. This is a real test that helps across the board in their curricular subjects as well as their global view.” Mrs Gibbons then commented, “MUN teaches so many skills that are not taught in the classroom. Such as negotiation, which is great as well as public speaking skills and organization. It also provides opportunities for students who might not be so confident but prefer organizing, creating a space for students to feel a sense of belonging.” 

Next I asked what they think about the topics of the committee. Mr Cifizzari said, “The topics are very important and relevant in today’s society.” Mrs Gibbons agreed, “They are interesting because we have a connection to these topics and they are something that we may experience.” Adding on, “I believe these topics are extremely valuable and through learning about them students are set up with a broader understanding of the world.”

Lastly, I asked my mentors if they have any messages for the participants of UNIS MUN 2021. Mrs Gibbons responded, “Be proud of what you do because you work so hard and a lot of the community don't realize how many hours you spend on MUN. You’re juggling so many things, organization skills, work life balance, it's amazing!” Mr Cifizzari said, “As a member of the UNIS community I've never seen another school so connected to trying to live and embrace the UN’s values. Be the changers of the world, you are the changers of the world, young voices today have so much more of an impact than ever before. Well done!”

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