Historical Security Council

Mentor: Ms. Sandra Schneiderman


Ho Lun (Felix) Shum (UNIS Hanoi)

Deputy President

Elsa Pham (AISV)

My name is Felix Shum and I will be serving as your President of the Historical Security Council for the upcoming UNISMUN XII. I am currently in 12th grade and study at UNIS. This is my second year of MUN, however, I have traveled nationally and internationally to many conferences even with the short time I have been doing MUN. I have gained a lot of experience being a delegate and hope to gain much more as a chair this year. I hope to be able to facilitate an interesting, productive, engaging debate and discussion while also trying to make this an enjoyable learning experience for my delegates. I look forward with great excitement and zealous to meeting and hopefully befriending you all during this year's UNIS MUN.

Honorable directors, chairs, and esteemed delegates,my name is Elsa Pham, a junior at American Internation School (AISVN). It is my utmost honor to be the Deputy President of the Historical Security Council for this year's UNISMUN. Knowing that most of the delegates in this committee are relatively experienced and passionate for discovering and inventing solutions to these pressing world issues, especially issues concerning national security, wellbeing, and peace, I am looking forward to meeting every single one of you. Let's have a fruitful debate to seek a consensus on our world's pressing security. Come prepared, research beforehand, and have a deep night's sleep before the conference so we can have innovative and fruitful debate time together!

Procedural President

Melli Allegra (LFAY)

Hello, I'm Allegra Melli, Procedural Chair of the Historical Security Council.


I am very happy to be in the Historical Security Council as my first year as a chair. MUN has always been a topic of my fascination as it has always been a wonderful experience for luxurious dining and hanging out with my fellow excellency wannabes. After spending many sessions in MUN, I can safely assure that it is well worth of your 3 days and 3 nights stressing over your future as it nicely sends you off with a wonderful buffet (as long you don't forget to fill out your allergy specifications).


While it may be a first experience for many, I believe that MUN will give you a nice first experience to public and international affairs.

I hope that we can all share a productive and lively experience amongst ambitious tryhards in becoming future gen Z stock brokers.

Faculty Mentor

Ms Schneiderman is a Humanities teacher who teaches numerous grades at UNIS Hanoi and will be serving as the mentor of the Historical Security Council this year for the upcoming UNISMUN XII conference.


I sat down with Ms Schneiderman where we spoke on not only about the topics at hand but also MUN as a whole. She said that MUN can be an extremely integral piece to someone's development not only as a speaker but as a person in general, it being “an experience which can build and shape the basis of people's values for the future”. She thinks that MUN allows students to look beyond their individual way of thinking, instead seeing the world  through the lens of large nations working on a global stage which attempt to solve extremely urgent issues.

Along with this Ms Schneiderman and I, also had a discussion about the topics which will be addressed in the HSC. “Although these issues are not as current as they once were there importance has not wavered, it is in the understanding and comprehension of the past do we plan for the future.” She strongly championed the necessity of understanding of these issues of the past to better understand the world from a different mindset.


Finally Ms. Schneiderman would like to reiterate that although this is supposed to be a serious event where students begin to and try to tackle world issues with detail, cohesion, cooperation and precision, students should still remember that this is supposed to be a fun enjoyable experience “good luck everybody!”  

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