GA6 International Law Committee

Mentor: Mr. Scott Schaffner

Head Chair

Shin Young Kim (UNIS Hanoi)

Deputy Chair   

Ashley Nicole (ISHCMC)

Distinguished delegates, esteemed guests, and most respected directors. My name is Shinyoung Kim and I am honored to be serving as the Head Chair for General Assembly 6 of UNISMUN XII. I am currently a senior at the United Nations International School of Hanoi, and this is my 5th and final UNISMUN conference. I began my MUN journey in my last year of Middle School, and since have participated in 14 conferences as both a delegate and Student Officer.


I am excited to take part in this year’s UNISMUN, and hope you all will learn, grow, have fun, and meet distinguished individuals with whom you will create lifelong bonds with. I have always loved the diplomatic and assiduous nature of participants of Model United Nations, and I hope all new delegates will find this experience as enriching as I did. For returning delegates, I hope UNISMUN XII can be an opportunity for you to develop your debate and public speaking skills, as well as further familiarize yourself with the prevalent issues of the world we live in today. I am eager to meet you all in March.

Student Officers, Delegates, Guests and Esteemed Directors;

Hello! I am Ashley Nicole, a grade 11 student studying in ISHCMC. I am honoured to serve as your Deputy Chair for GA6 (international law) in this years UNISMUN. Having started my MUN experience only last year, UNISMUN was my first conference. I am excited to come back and experience this as my first chairing opportunity, with a committee I feel a strong connection to as I am passionate about international law. I look forward to fruitful debate, and meeting you all soon!

Procedural Chair

Minh Phong Pham (St. Paul)

Greetings! My name is Phong Pham and I am a junior at St. Paul American School Hanoi. I
have been involved in MUN since sixth grade and this will be my fourth UNISMUN and
eighth conference overall. This year, I am extremely honored to be serving as the procedural chair for GA6. I believe that all the issues on the agenda this year for GA6 in particular and all other committees as a whole are issues of paramount importance to global peace and stability, and I am beyond excited to be able to discuss and debate solutions to these matters throughout the course of the conference. I look forward to working with you all for a productive conference and most importantly for everybody to have a good time!

Faculty Mentor

Mr. Scott Schaffner is UNIS Hanoi’s High School Principal and the Faculty Mentor of General Assembly 6, the Legal Committee. He is experienced in the field of law and history, among other fields of study. 


Mr. Schaffner states that he believes the skills of collaboration, communication, critical thinking, leadership, and problem-solving are crucial aspects of Model United Nations and hopes that UNIS will represent the values of the United Nations in organizing and hosting conferences. 


When asked about his opinions on this year’s General Assembly 6 issues, he explained:


“The issues of GA6 are authentic and real-life problems, which are topics that schools should focus more on. They are problems that older, more experienced people (not necessarily smarter) don’t know the answer to. However, there may not be a right or wrong answer; simply different opinions. The idea of them being authentic is how education should be preparing young aspiring individuals for the future.”

Mr. Schaffner would like to welcome all delegates, directors, and guests, and hopes they are able to have an enriching and memorable experience at UNISMUN. To participants of the conference, he would like to suggest:


“Work hard and have fun. You put in a lot of work to prepare, but once you’re at the conference, stop and smell the roses. Realize how lucky you are to be part of a program like this, and that you have the opportunity to meet new people and form friendships.”

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