GA3 Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Affairs Committee

Mentor: Mr. Fady Tabarra

Head Chair

Holly Seo (UNIS Hanoi)

Deputy Chair   

Shirley Wang (AISG)

Procedural Chair

Yi-Lin (Linda) Li (ISHCMC)

Hello everyone! I am Hanbee Seo, but you can call me Holly. It is my utmost honour to serve as your head chair of GA3! I am currently a senior in UNIS so this conference will be my last one before my graduation ☹. So, let’s make this one the best! UNISMUN XII is my 5th UNISMUN in my 6 years of
MUN career among 11 conferences I have attended. From my experience as a delegate, the chairs were greatly supportive when I was struggling, so remember that I am here to help you! I am not scary at all so feel free to approach and talk to me! I will ALWAYS respond with a smile =) Focusing on 'countering toxic narratives about refugees and migrants’, it deals with how we ‘word’ certain groups of people can exclude them and make them feel like they are not part of a community. The issue arises when we think they are ‘different’ to ‘normal/usual’ people which is the same case in smaller communities too. It is not only refugees and migrants but also the ones who are judged in our own society. Therefore, I will be expecting a passionate debate to make the world a better place!

Hello and welcome to UNISMUN!


My name is Shirley Wang and I am honored to serve as your Deputy President of General Assembly 3 in UNISMUN XII. As a delegate and attendee of a previous UNISMUN conference, which was my first ever MUN, I am eager and excited to return with a more experienced and professional perspective of what is to come. My first topic was regarding transnational organized crime in GA1, and that first experience at UNISMUN established my dedication and passion for understanding current events. Furthermore, I've always been drawn to MUN's cumulative interaction of fruitful debate, and especially how each delegate creates their own unique take on urgent issues of our generation. MUN as a whole has provided me with a multitude of experiences that I value and cherish; it has built a significant impact on my confidence as a delegate, student, and young adult in the 21st century. To conclude, it is an honor to be a part of GA3 as one of the student officers and to observe and participate in the conference from a different angle. Not only am I excited about the debates on the important humanitarian, cultural and social issues during the three days, I look forward to meeting you all throughout this year’s UNISMUN!




Faculty Mentor

Hello! My name is Linda, I will be attending this year’s UNISMUN as a Procedural chair. I’ve been participating MUNs ever since Grade 8 starting with MYMUN. This conference will be my eighth conference and my first time attending UNISMUN, I have attended multiple conferences locally however I have not attended many international MUNs, therefore, I am very excited about this MUN. MUN has taught me many lessons and introduced me to world issues that we should be more aware of and contributing more to reduce the impact of the issue. MUN has given me experiences that I would not be able to gain in school and has prepared me more for entering the real world. 


The issues addressed in General Assembly 3 are topics that are commonly and constantly seen on the news or around us and in this MUN, I hope delegates can cooperate to produce successful resolutions that reduce the severity of these issues. I look forward to meeting the committee of GA3 and the fruitful debates of this committee!

Mr Fady Tabbara is the mentor of GA3. He is the MS MYP Humanities Teacher and MS Individuals & Societies Curriculum Leader. As the Head Chair of GA3, I had a chance to work with him who provided different suggestions to improve my research reports. Hence, I was able to produce two strong research reports. In the latest meeting with, I asked him some questions to share his values of MUN, his thoughts on the topics of GA3, and his message to the participants.


What do you think the value of MUN is? 

“I think MUN is a great opportunity for students to experience what goes on in the real world when we talk about world issues and current events. It’s a great way to get them to be interested in these things hopefully that when they get out of school and graduate, they can be people that participate in these events and maybe create positive change.”


What do you think about the topics of the GA3? 

“They are real-world issues and I think that’s why they are very, very important so I think the topics are wonderful. And these aren’t easy topics - the adults in the world can’t figure these things out. So it’s really engaging and hopefully you have students that think outside the box because the adults in the world now are messing up the world and we hope that  people in your age engage in these things early and hopefully you can make things better.”


What message do you have for the participants of UNIS MUN 2021? 

“You guys are the future. And we are really hoping that “you” would create positive change because people my age have messed it up - we didn’t do a good job, we failed. And I know that’s a lot of pressure but you guys are engaging in some serious, serious topics and we hope that you engage fully in these so you can create positive change.”

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