GA2 Economic and Financial Committee

Mentor: Mr. Faraz Mirza

Deputy Chair   

Jiwon (Danny) An (Brent Subic)

Head Chair

Jeremy Smith (UNIS Hanoi)

Greetings Delegates, Student Officers, and Directors, my name is Jeremy Smith and I am a Grade 11 student at UNIS Hanoi. I am honoured to serve as the Head Chair of GA2 for UNISMUN XII. This is my third year participating in MUN and I am lucky to have this opportunity to chair for the first time and to further explore and investigate the global issues that I am truly passionate about. I sincerely hope that new and returning delegates alike will not only find the debate and discussion regarding the issues engaging and productive, but I also urge you to reflect on the global issues we discuss. Above all, remember to speak out, work collaboratively, and make new friendships along the way! I am looking forward to seeing you in March at UNISMUN XII.

Greetings, distinguished delegates. My name is Jiwon An, and I will be serving as your Deputy Chair for the General Assembly Second Committee (GA2), or the Economic and Financial Committee (ECOFIN) of UNISMUN XII. I am a senior of Brent International School Subic of the Philippines, and UNISMUN XII will be my twelfth and last high school conference. MUN for me has been my window into the greater world: I was able to find my goal of pursuing international relations through this activity, and that is why I hope that from this conference, you can also find your goal or passion, regardless of what it is. As for this committee, I do agree that the GA2 may seem boring: it may not be as intense as the debates of the SC, or as engaging as the HRC. However, I feel that resolving economic and financial issues holds equal significance as preventing wars or preserving human rights. I hope that as you debate these four pressing issues offered in this committee, you will gain insight into what such issues mean in terms of the greater human society, and leave with deepened knowledge and understanding of the international society as a whole.

Procedural Chair

Seo Eun Choi (St. Paul)

Greetings esteemed directors, officers, and delegates. 

My name is Seoeun Choi, and I am currently a junior in St. Paul American School Hanoi. I'm truly honored to participate as a procedural chair of GA2 UNISMUN XII. In the past couple of years, I have developed great passion and dedication to Model UN conferences. The experience has taught me so much about not only international relations but also reaching my maximum potential. I hope this conference will gift you the most meaningful and memorable experiences. I am very excited to participate in my first UNISMUN conference this year as a procedural chair! I look forward to taking part in this year's UNISMUN XII and meeting you all. Please do not hesitate to reach me and ask questions. 

Let us achieve a fruitful and enjoyable debate!

Faculty Mentor

Mr. Faraz-Kiyani Mirza is a DP Economics teacher at UNIS Hanoi and the mentor of General Assembly 2 for UNISMUN XII conference.


Mr. Mirza shared some of his thoughts on  the value of MUN. He said that he finds MUN to be very significant as participants not only hear and learn about real life issues and conflicts, but also about how nations come together to solve these issues. He believes that MUN does not only provide an insightful opportunity for students to learn about all the difficulties countries face when making decisions, but it also also gives students exposure to how the real world works, which he claims is an important life lesson.


Mr. Mirza also spoke about the the topics on the agenda of GA2 this year. “All these issues are very current and very pressing global issues which do need to be addressed. Refugees and their plight is truly heartbreaking and it is vital to address the underlying issues,” he said. Mr. Mirza emphasized that all the issues were very current that affect many people around the globe and that attempts to solve them are truly important.


Mr. Mirza would like to welcome all participants of UNISMUN XII, whether they are a delegate, director, or guest. He hopes that the conference is a memorable learning experience and opportunity to engage in these issues of global significance, but he also would like to remind everyone to enjoy themselves and make connections with others. He also emphasized the role that being prepared plays in making the conference a successful one: “Do your research, be confident, know your angle, and prepare for what others may ask you.”

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