GA1 Disarmament and International Security Committee

Mentor: Ms. Donna Frose

Head Chair

Jeong Ha Kim (UNIS Hanoi)

Deputy Chair   

Haryoung Cho (HIS)

Hi! I am Jeongha Kim and I am a tenth grader currently attending the United Nations International School of Hanoi. This will be my third year of MUN and my second of chairing, and it is my pleasure to serve as the Head Chair of the First General Assembly of UNISMUN XII. I most look forward to creating valuable experiences through discourse on international security and disarmament - the focus of our General Assembly. For any delegates with questions in regards to procedures and/or the topics, I am more than happy to answer your questions at With my best regards, I hope delegates are as excited as I am for the upcoming UNISMUN XII; I cannot wait for another progression of great memories. 

Hello delegates! I am Haryoung Cho, a senior at Hanoi International School. This is my fourth year participating in MUN (and UNISMUN), so I am very delighted and excited to be participating as the deputy chair this year. This is my seventh MUN, and I have loved my MUN experience since the beginning. I realise that for some people MUN is intimidating and for others, MUN may be less of a struggle, but all in all, I can assure you that UNISMUN will become an exciting and memorable experience where you can meet fellow delegates and chairs and confer about a variety of global topics. I hope that all delegates will feel warmly welcomed this February and spend a great time!

Procedural Chair

Rain Kim (Brent Subic)

Hey there! My name is Seung Gyeom Kim, but you can call me Rain. I am currently in my Senior year at Brent International School Subic in the Philippines. Although I've lost count already, this year's UNISMUN will be my 9th or 10th MUN conference. In terms of chairing experience, UNISMUN will be my third time chairing. I stuck around with Model United Nations because it's an enjoyable experience to debate with people about current/past situations that you're interested in. MUN also provides you with valuable opportunities to make connections to people all around the world. I hope that the delegates of UNISMUN can realize as well how fun MUN can be and continue to be exceptional delegates. Apart from MUN, I participate in Varsity swimming despite being the slowest in the team. I also enjoy playing guitar, especially fingerstyle. More than anything, he loves nice and fun Saturday nights out with the bois (and girls).If you want to get to know me more, don't hesitate to approach me.  

Faculty Mentor

Ms. Donna Frose has acted as a crucial mentor for the First General Assembly of UNISMUN XII.


As her valued contributions to the administrative process of the conferenced came to an end, she provided us with some valuable insight via an interview: 


What is your general take on MUN? 


To me MUN is a program that is a fabulous opportunity for students in two ways. The first way is that it builds research skills, it builds knowledge about world events, it gets students learning skill that they also learn in their classes but also learning them in an area where they can express their interest, so there is a lot of skill building learning that goes on in it. Another aspect of




MUN that we really enjoy and that the students really enjoy is that it allows students to engage with issues that are current and are affecting the world that they would be living in. I think it helps them in terms of finding their road through the world and the things that they care about. Also, having an opportunity to challenge the ideas that maybe their parents have or that other people have withinin the community because they are basing their ideas on research and they’re taking the perspective from another country even if they do not agree with them to understand different perspectives. 


What is your take on disarmament? 


We do a very poor job of disarmament. The general issue with world disarmament is still too monopolized and driven by geopolitical considerations and most countries are every happy to say that we should not have landmines or weapons sales until they need those things or until they feel that it is important for their national security or strategic interests. Thus, I believe as a world we have done a very poor job of disarmament. I do not know for sure whether we can improve this situation in another manner than what is happening in the status quo: chipping away and using the world’s pressure in order to pressure countries into knowing [actively arming themselves] is wrong. 


Is there a message you have for participants? 


Don’t be afraid, get up and speak. Getting up and speaking in front of a large group of people can be intimidating but you do not realize how engaging it will be and everyone feels the same. Get up and speak, that’s the most important thing! Share your ideas, share your thoughts, and challenge other people’s ideas, but you cannot do any of that if you do not get up to the microphone. 

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