Environment Assembly and Governing Council

Mentor: Mr. Elliot Cannell


John (Seokhee) Yoon (UNIS Hanoi)

Deputy President

Vi Ha Nguyen (ISV)

Hello! My name is John(Seokhee) Yoon. It is such an honor to be your President of the Environment Assembly and Governing Council for the twelfth annual UNIS MUN. I'm currently a Senior at UNIS Hanoi, and this is my fifth year in MUN. Aside from MUN, I am also interested in many other activities such as choir, musical, and sports. I am both thrilled and anxious to take on such a large role in this conference, and I hope to see you all engaged in constructive and productive debates. That being said, please feel free to come to talk to me about anything. I promise that I won't bite. Anyhow, I hope this conference will be not only memorable for me, but also for you.  

Greetings Esteemed Directors, Student Officers, Delegates, and Guests,


My name is Vi Ha Nguyen and I am going to be the Deputy Chair of the Environmental Assembly and Governing Council. Although I only have stepped into the MUN community for two years, I find it one of the best experiences in my life. I have been to many committees, from General Assembly, Crisis Council to small specialized councils, and been at many positions, from Delegates, Chairs to Content Developers; however, UNISMUN has always remained as my first step in Model UN. 


To be honest, I recognize MUN as a selective activity, not because of its knowledge complexity or skills assortments, but because of its unique appeal. It requires time, devotion and likeness from the participant, that they just simply have to click together. Even though MUN seems to be not a “game for all”, I really hope through friendly and specialized conferences in such well-built international community like UNISMUN, people would understand more the nature and the benefit of this activity. It is not just an academic pursuit or a brainy showoff; instead, it is simply a platform, where people can discuss their common interests and possibly argue for a better understanding. Hence, I look forward to meeting you all at the twelfth session of UNISMUN. 

Procedural President

Miki Takechi (UNIS Hanoi)

I am Miki Takechi, the procedural chair of the Environmental Assembly and Governing Council. This is my 4th UNISMUN and it is an honor to get to work with everyone. I wish for a memorable and productive 3 days of conference. I hope everyone will take this opportunity to meet and work with exceptional individuals. Please feel free to approach me during the conference if you any questions for it would be my pleasure to help all of you be as successful as possible. 

Faculty Mentor

Mr. Elliott Cannell is the mentor of the Environment Assembly and Governing Council. He has previous experience as a MUN director and is the IBDP coordinator at UNIS. 


His message to the Environmental and Governing Council delegates is:


“I think the delegates in the environmental committee have to be bold. They need to have the courage to be bold and the future will reward them for being bold. I think increasing [number of] governments are realizing that they will have to delegate significant resources to tackle environmental issues. It’s no longer about the money it will cost us; we have to look after the world we live in because there is no plan B”

In regards to the topic of debate, Mr. Cannell shared:


“The subjects have a really good connection to some of the SDGs, I immediately think about the SDG on climate change and life on land. I think someone really interesting on climate change is Greta Thunberg. When she talks about climate change, she has this sense of urgency; I find that really inspiring. So I wonder what impact she might have on the way we all think about climate change and how that might be reflected in the conversation we have during MUN.”

John (Seokhee) Yoon - the head chair of Environmental Assembly and Governing Council shares: “It was great working with Mr.Cannell as he provided me with so many possible areas to research regarding the topics. His guidance was significant in the process of writing my research reports.”

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