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GA1: Disarmament and International Security

Issues and Reports

  • The question of limiting hybrid war.

  • The question of the impact of polarization on global security. 

  • The question of weaponization of energy.

Head Chair

Se In Lee

GA1 Head.jpg

Greetings honorable chairs, delegates, and most esteemed guests. 

My name is Se In Lee and am currently a sophomore at United Nations International School in Hanoi. I am very pleased to participate in the 2022 March conference as a Head Chair of GA1: Disarmament and International Security. From the last UNISMUN November conference, I had gained a very special experience, serving as a chair, and I am delighted to participate in this conference as well.

The theme of this March conference is: “What can we do to bring balance to the growing asymmetries of power?”. This theme very closely aligns with the three topics of our committee which are: 

  1. The question of limiting hybrid war.

  2. The question of the impact of polarization on global security.

  3. The question of weaponization of energy.

These issues have risen in society’s attention very recently–closely relating to the break out of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This conflict that has been ongoing for more than 9 months introduced an unprecedented type of war to the world, where everything the country holds power to could be weaponized. Russia’s action towards its centered domination of natural resources was an outstanding example of weaponizing energy. 

These topics are very delicate issues to handle especially considering how new they are. However, I hope this conference would be an opportunity to profoundly discuss these issues in a professional manner and create equitable solutions with the acknowledgment of the impact the resolution can bring. 

I strongly encourage all the delegates to have a deep dive into these topics and I as well will try my best to give thoughtful guidance to make this conference an exciting experience for all of us. Thank you, and see you in March!

Deputy Chair

Quang Minh Pham

GA1 Procedural.jpg

Greetings Honourable Chairs, Fellow Delegates, and Most Esteemed Guests,


My name is Quang Minh Pham, and I am currently a sophomore at Concordia International School Hanoi. For the upcoming UNISMUN March Conference, I will be the Deputy Chair for General Assembly 1. This is my second year in the Model UN community, and I am currently part of the Concordia Model UN leadership team. This UNISMUN conference will mark my fifth MUN conference, and mark my first one as a chair; I am more than excited to help deliver a memorable experience for delegates in March!


The United Nations General Assembly First Committee is responsible for dealing with disarmament, threats to global peace, and other challenges regarding international security. This committee will represent all present member states of the United Nations; thus, there is a uniqueness to this committee in that all member states, regardless of economic or political status, will have a say in matters relating to disarmament and international security.


With the upcoming conference’s topic being the balancing of growing asymmetries of power, it is vital for delegates within GA1 to address this issue and hopefully propose constructive solutions. For this conference, GA1 will be addressing three topics: The question of limiting hybrid war, the question of the impact of polarization on global security, and the question of weaponization of energy.


With these three topics at hand, I hope that all delegates will be able to carry out deep research and preparations for debating these topics for a fruitful and exciting conference. Thank you very much, and see you in March!

Procedural Chair

Socorro Ewrine Escalante

GA1 Deputy.jpg

Greetings fellow chairs, delegates, and distinguished guests,


My name is Socorro Escalante and I am currently attending United Nations International School Hanoi as a junior, and I am honored to serve as your procedural chair for GA1: Disarmament and Global Security committee at this conference. This upcoming conference will mark my second conference as chair, and my third overall conference.


This year’s UNISMUN will address the question: “What can we do to balance the growing asymmetries of power?”. The GA1 promotes cooperative arrangements and measures aimed at strengthening stability through peace processes and policies and actions to  lower the levels of armaments. 


GA1 is responsible for the protection of global peace and deals with international threats. Our discussions in this committee will pave the way for strengthening  collaboration across countries for  global safety.


In particular,  the GA1 will discuss the topics of limiting hybrid war, the impact of polarization on global security, and weaponization of energy. These topics are important to be discussed because of the wars that are happening and the threats of another world war. These threats continue to arise all over the world. For instance, the continued build-up of nuclear weapons in North Korea and the weaponization of energy by Russia. The impact to our global community and our future are enormous and irreversible. 

I appeal for your active participation and commitment to explore this topic extensively. I am confident that this body will bring out credible and long-term solutions for world peace and pave the security of our future generations.

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