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Asia-Pacific Council (APC)

Issues and Reports

  • The question of unreported and clandestine fishing operations. 

  • The question of territorial claims in the Asia-Pacific region. 

  • The question of combating the impacts of climate change.

Head Chair

Marie Sheets

APC Head.jpg

Greetings honorable chairs, distinguished delegates, and esteemed guests!


My name is Marie Sheets, a junior at ACS Amman, and I am honored to be serving as head chair of the APC! I’ve been involved in MUN for 2 years, and chaired twice. Over this time, MUN has allowed me to develop several crucial skills, such as collaboration, leadership, critical thinking, and the ability to stay informed about our ever-changing world. 


This year’s theme of “balancing asymmetrical power” speaks wonders about how nations prevent conflict through collaboration. I feel it is more important now than ever to determine how the next generation, us, can balance these powers to ascertain peace. 


The Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement, which UNISMUN’s APC is based on, works diligently to promote trade and cooperation between regional nations. 


Our APC will be emulating this through numerous discussions, the first of which will be clandestine fishing. Asia has the highest rates of clandestine fishing worldwide, with this number only expected to increase as the market fish value skyrockets. The implications of this affect the globe environmentally, socially, and economically, rendering it an important topic to be discussed within the APC.


Next, we will be debating territorial claims in the Asia-Pacific region. Rising tensions over Taiwan, the Spratly Islands, and the Paracels have led to increasing concerns regarding diplomacy, global economies, and the livelihoods of citizens. 


Finally, the APC will be discussing methods to combat regional climate change. The rise of global temperatures have had a significant impact, particularly in the Asia Pacific, with natural disasters threatening the region in many factions. 


During this conference, I’m looking forward to seeing delegates gain valuable collaborative and critical thinking skills, make friends, and most importantly, have a good time. See you all in March!

Deputy Chair

Joaquin Renck

APC Procedural.jpg

Greetings directors, student officers, and delegates!


I am Joaquin Renck, a Grade 11 student attending UNIS Hanoi and I am honored to get this opportunity to introduce myself as the Deputy Chair of the APC in our upcoming March conference. This is my second year engaging in UNISMUN and it is with pleasure to say that this year I am going to strive and further develop the MUN March conference. MUN has given me the opportunity to further develop my life long ambition of exploring ideologies. Problems plague the globe and with the help of the recent two years I got an insight into varied perspectives shared by a multitude of individuals.


And as I was further exploring perspectives, it has come to my revelation that through the upcoming March conference I am going to be able to even further develop my notions and cognition towards regional cooperation. How can countries economically strive? How can the national interest of everyone be met? Through cooperation. 


Hence, the Asia Pacific Council gives the opportunity to further explore my interest in this topic but also further discuss issues that plague society in a respective setting. Based on current events such as territorial disputes throughout the South China Sea, persistent conflicts affecting the security of food through mass fishing and climate change, it is more than beneficial to come together as a committee and work towards solutions to these stagnant issues. As Henry Ford stated “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” Therefore this committee is the perfect opportunity to come together and build a united community throughout Asia. 


I am looking forward to chairing a fruitful debate on issues and I am going to do the most in my power to help support you during this journey!

Procedural Chair

Gloria Park

APC procedural.jpg

Honourable directors, fellow delegates, and most esteemed guests, welcome to UNIS MUN March 2023 conference. My name is Gloria Park, currently a 10th grade student at UNIS International School of Hanoi. I am delighted to attend this conference as the procedural chair of the Asia-Pacific Council. I have attended three UNIS MUN, 2 times as a delegate and one time as a procedural chair. A positive MUN experience that has helped me to grow is 

my third MUN conference at UNISMUN November 2022 conference, when I participated as a procedural chair of the Reform Security Council. Since it was my first time to participate in a conference as a chair, I was very nervous to lead the conference. However, I met a wonderful head chair who tried to help me by giving me a chance to talk. He was very talented in relaxing the mood so all the delegates, chairs, and admins could enjoy the conference. After that conference, I decided to continue pursuing my passion into MUN and become a memorable and admired chair like her one day.  


In the 2023 March UNIS MUN conference, our committee deals with the issue of clandestine fishing, territorial claims in the Asia-Pacific region, and the methods to combat regional climate change. The highest rates of clandestine fishing are found in Asia, and this percentage is expected to rise as the market of fish increases daily. Since the effects of this have an impact on society, the environment, and the economy as a whole, it is crucial that our committee debate this issue. Concerns about diplomacy, the situation of the global economy, and citizen livelihoods are growing as a result of rising tensions over Taiwan, the Spratly Islands, and the Paracel Islands. The Asia Pacific has been especially affected by the rise in global temperatures, with many different natural disasters creating a threat to the area.


I am looking forward to chairing the Asia-Pacific Council. and I am thrilled to guide and hear generative discussions and debates. See you all soon. Thank you. 

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