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United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) 

Issues and Reports

  • The question of the access and distribution of resources in the Arctic Circle. 

  • The question of mitigating the effects of the green transition. 

Head Chair

Minseo Yoon

UNEA Head.png

Greetings esteemed directors, student officers, and fellow delegates! I am Minseo Yoon from the ABC International School, and it is my highest honour to be serving as your Head Chair of UNEA this year. I am in Year 13 and this is my 7th experience chairing a MUN conference. With this experience, I have learned how to cooperate with others and cope with unexpected circumstances. It is a great opportunity for us all to participate in such a big conference which encourages great discussions. I consider this conference another part of the MUN educational journey and a step that can help us to develop skillfully and knowledgeably.


The United Nations Environment Assembly is the world’s highest-level decision-making body on the environment. The assembly sets priorities for global environmental policies and develops international environmental law by catalysing intergovernmental action and contributing to the implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. UNEA aims to build a healthier environment to support humanity for generations to come.


I am looking forward to hearing a productive debate on our committee’s topic: ‘The question of the access and distribution of resources in the Arctic Circle’. This topic is well incorporated with the theme of inequality and is a critical topic that must be globally discussed. Due to climate change, massive petroleum and mineral reserves in the Arctic region are gradually becoming accessible. However, companies are facing high risks from the large investment, operational costs, and logistical challenges which implies that serious extraction will take decades. 


I will take responsibility for providing guidance and support for delegates and I will try my best to set the conference environment formal but enjoyable to work collaboratively. I hope our committee will engage in fruitful debates and productively exchange ideas to come up with the best resolution. 

Deputy Chair

Tanuska Bora

UNEA Deputy.jpg

Greetings and welcome, honorable chairs, esteemed directors, and distinguished delegates to the UNISMUN November conference of 2022! 


My name is Tanuska Bora, a junior at UNIS, Hanoi. I’m honored to be this year’s deputy chair for the United Nations Environmental Assembly (UNEA). This is my 2nd year participating in MUN and my first as a chair, hence I am looking forward to this exciting opportunity, and hearing different perspectives from delegates. I hope that this conference is a positive and memorable experience for everyone taking part.


The UNEA is the world’s highest-level-decision making body focusing on current global environmental issues. It has contributions from all 193 member states and full involvement from major groups and stakeholders. Different committees will be looking at different issues branching from the theme, relating to finding sustainable solutions to current sources of insecurity. The UNEA will debate two broad issues: “Access and distribution of resources in the Arctic Circle'' and “the question of mitigating the effects of the green transition”.


Human activities have become increasingly globalized over the 20th century; while these developments have led to advances in social wellbeing, they have also engendered great detriment to the environment. The Arctic in particular has been deeply affected, being expected to transform from an all-year-round frozen water body to a sea with open waters during summer. Drastic changes as such are bound to have sizable impacts on natural resources, shipping routes, and touristic areas, thus opening new opportunities for economic development. Although these potentially high rewards seem appealing, it comes with significant environmental and societal costs. A significant transition across all sectors is necessary to address the environmental, economic, and social impacts of climate change in order for economies to smoothly drive the green transition. 


I believe that this is a relevant and captivating topic as climate change has both an indirect and direct effect on all of our lives, and working together to build effective resolutions leads us in the right direction. I urge all delegates to put in their best efforts and be active during the debate, and most importantly have fun!! I look forward to a fruitful debate ahead!

Procedural Chair

Nguyen Xuan Du

UNEA Procedural.jpg

Honourable directors and chairs, delegates, and most esteemed guests welcome to the UNISMUN 2022 November conference. My name is Du Nguyen and I am currently a Grade 12 student attending the United Nations International School of Hanoi. This upcoming November conference will be my first time participating as a chair in the UNEA. Prior to this, I was a MUN Admin for two years, participating in the November conferences in 2019 and 2020; through this, I have been able to gain a deep understanding of MUN procedures as well as the flow of the debate. Although challenging, the responsibilities and expectations delegates must meet have produced rewarding experiences and no doubt will continue to do so this November.


The United Nations Environmental Assembly embodies the conservation of our natural world, taking initiatives surrounding the environment and sustainability while sharing common values with all other committees, such as inclusivity, sparking dialogue, equity and diversity. The topics of “access and distribution of resources in the Arctic Circle” and “mitigating the effects of the green transition” are enduring issues at the forefront of many conferences. However, by looking deeper into these issues, I hope that delegates will not only be more informed but also inspire creativity in constructing suitable resolutions.


To conclude, I would like to thank all our delegates for participating and the vigour they have and will place into researching the topics at hand. If delegates find themselves stuck while creating an argument, please refer back to their chair report draft as a resource to further their understanding of the at hand. I am looking forward to hearing the delegate's valuable responses and wish everyone the best of luck!

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