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Population Movement Council (PMC)

Issues and Reports

  • The question of equal opportunities for migrants and refugees.

  • The question of impermeable borders.

  • The question of the obligations of countries of origin, transit, and destination.

Head Chair

Richard (Harin) Kim

PMC Head.jpg

Greetings fellow chairs, distinguished delegates, and honorable guests!


My name is Richard Kim, a student of GSIS, and I am elated to serve as the Head Chair for the Population Movement Council for the 2023 UNISMUN conference.

My journey through MUN has been quite unusual compared to the typical trek that most students follow, as this is only the second year I have been part of MUN. Despite my seeming inexperience, I firmly believe that I and all other students should participate in political discourse. I had kept up with politics growing up; however, I entered MUN when this enthusiasm coalesced into anger when I felt that not enough students voiced their views on world issues and policies that will significantly affect our generation in the near future.

My first experience with MUN was at the SMUN conference, where I served as Head Chair of the Human Rights Council. My first experience as a delegate would be during the 2021 THIMUN conference as the delegate of Thailand for the international security council. Now returning as a chair once more, I wish for all delegates to leave feeling that they produced fruitful debates and forged memorable bonds with other delegates.

The Population Movement Council will discuss the following topics:

  1. The question of equal opportunities for migrants and refugees.

  2. The question of impermeable borders.

  3. The question of the obligations of countries of origin, transit, and destination.

The following topics are paramount in today’s political climate as the “solutions” to these topics can and will influence the lives of possibly 89.3 million refugees who wish to build new lives abroad (UNHCR).

Delegates are reminded that careful consideration should be practiced when creating resolutions as these resolutions carry the weight of individual lives.

Deputy Chair

Perry Baek

PMC Deputy.jpg

Honorable chairs, distinguished delegates, and most esteemed guests,


My name is Perry Baek, and I am a junior at the United Nations International School of Hanoi. I am truly humbled to be a part of the 2022 UNIS March conference as a deputy chair for the Population Movement Council. This is my fourth year involved in the UNISMUN community: 2 years as a delegate & 2 years as a UNISMUN leadership team member. The opportunity to serve as a chair for the PMC is especially significant to me, as I have participated in this committee previously as a delegate. Now that I am attending the conference as a chair, I hope to discover a broader spectrum of perspectives regarding the issues of the PMC. 


The chair experience will further be beneficial for me as the head of ES & MS Development in the UNIS MUN leadership team. My responsibility as the head is to mentor both the MS chairs and the delegates. Despite the success of the MS committees in the 2022 UNIS November conference, there are areas for improvement. Having first-hand experience as a chair will allow me to better guide the MS MUN. 


There is a notable interrelation between the Population Movement Council’s issues and the 2022 UNISMUN March conference’s theme. Engaging with the refugees’ and migrants’ well-being, the council will debate and compromise on the issues of equal opportunities for the displaced, impermeable borders, and the obligations of countries of origin, transit, and destination of refugees. 


In addressing such an intriguing topic, I look forward to engrossing and passionate discussions from all delegates.

Procedural Chair

Chae Yeon Park

PMC Procedural.jpg

Honorable directors, distinguished delegates, fellow chairs, and most esteemed guests, 


I am Chae Yeon Park, a sophomore at the United Nations International School of Hanoi. This is my third conference overall, and my second conference as a chair, and I am honored to be a Procedural Chair for the Population Movement Council. Even though I have less experience than other chairs, my enthusiasm and passion would never be behind. The reasons I participated in the MUN conference are to tackle complicated international issues from different countries’ perspectives and to improve my general knowledge of global conflicts and enhance my leadership skills.


Our theme for this MUN conference is, “What can we do to bring balance to the growing asymmetries of power?”, which is significant as the segregation between different economical powers occurs unexceptionally. This links back to our first topic: the question of equal opportunities for migrants and refugees. Two other topics of the committee–the question of impermeable borders and the question of the obligations of countries of origin, transit, and destination–are also significant in order to solve the conflicts regarding the world population. 


The Population Movement Council (PMC) has a vital role as it discusses the potential solution for the maintenance of world peace and security of citizens–the ultimate goal of the United Nations. Our council deals with and debates the security of international migrants, asylum seekers, and war refugees. As this is my second conference debating on the security of the vulnerable population, the topic of refugees has a significant impact in my overall MUN experience. 


I fully recognize the hardships and struggles of a delegate, but I am certain that this MUN conference will be a memorable experience. I look forward to working with you at the upcoming UNISMUN Conference. 

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