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Human Rights Council (HRC) 

Issues and Reports

  • The question of marriage choice.

  • The question of limitations, protections, freedoms, and accountability regarding media (press, print, traditional online, and social).

Head Chair

MinSeo Kang

HR Head.jpg

Honourable Chairs, fellow delegates, and esteemed guests,

Greetings, I am MinSeo Kang, a 10th grader who is currently attending United Nations International School of Hanoi. It is a great honor for me to serve in the following UNIS MUN conference as a head chair of the Human Rights council(UNHRC). I have 3 years of experience in MUN both as a chair and a delegate, and MUN has been my great ongoing passion ever since. In this conference, I, as a head chair, would work with our deputy and procedural chairs to try to support all delegates for the best of their success.


The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHCR) is a United Nations body aiming to promote and protect human rights around the world. This year, we are looking to regulate our debate topic on ‘The question of marriage choice’ and ‘The question of limitations, protections, freedom, and accountability on media (press, print, traditional online, and social’, which are what I am personally passionate about. 


Relevant to topic 1, marriage is the celebration of union of two souls and should be made by personal choices, not dictated by the society or families. However in Bangladesh, 64% of women between the ages of 20 to 24 are married under the age of 18. Yet the approach to the issue seems confused and counterproductive. 

This is a kind reminder for delegates that the theme of the upcoming conference is, ‘Are we capable of finding sustainable solutions to our current sources of insecurity?’ Delegates, please be fully prepared with your research and attend the debate with your full passion. If you do have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact any of the chairs. Thank you, and see you in the conference!

Deputy Chair

Rahul Gowda

HR Deputy.jpg

Honourable directors, chairs, and distinguished delegates,


My name is Rahul Gowda Thanh Tung and I am privileged to be your Deputy Chair for the Human Rights Council for the November Conference. I come from a Vietnamese and Indian household, a family of 5, and 6 years at UNIS Hanoi. From my past MUN experiences, I have always been intrigued by the complexity of portraying different perspectives, and especially when putting these values and beliefs into effect during the conference. But as my first chairing experience, I hope to better learn this role, meanwhile help and share my experiences with the delegates in drafting sustainable and effective resolutions.


The United Nations Human Rights Council is dedicated to advocating the promotion and protection of human rights universally. Surprisingly, this council was created in the early 21st century, on March 15, 2006, by the United Nations General Assembly. 


The upcoming November Conference issues will be on the discussion of one’s marriage choice, and on the limitations, protections, freedoms, and accountability regarding media (press, print, traditional online, and social). In an era of change, we, people, are more understanding and empathetic, and aware of those around us. One’s expression and representation is more important now than ever, like recently seen in the LGBTQ, abortion, or BLM movements – but discussion can be made on the relevancy .


In discussion of marriage choices, although out of our picture as students, you are placed to task to ensure ‘your own’ security as you will be put in one’s shoes and have to utilise your curiosity, critical thinking, empathy and creativity when making the decision of marriage and the possible aftermath of that. Similarly, assessing the different uses of your nation's media, you will articulate the different reasons in the question of limitating, protecting, freeing, and taking accountability on the various media.


Don’t fret if any of this stresses you out in any way. Me, on the behalf of the other chairs, are here to guide and help you along the way at any time.

Procedural Chair

Socorro Escalante

HR Procedural.jpg

Honourable Chairs, Directors, fellow delegates and Distinguished guests. 


My name is Socorro Escalante,  and I am attending UNIS in 11th grade. I am  a Filipino and  lived between Vietnam and the Philippines. I  attended UNIS  for 8 years, prior to moving to the Brent International School of Baguio where I joined the MUN in May 2022.


The Human Rights Committee, dedicated to the promotion and protection of universal human rights, will address  the question of marriage choice and the limitations, protections, freedoms and accountability regarding media. 


I am honored to be your chair to steer the Committee in addressing the  issue of human rights - an urgent topic  in these complex and rapidly evolving times. In this role, I will endeavor to  articulate humble  leadership, to ensure decorum in the proceedings and  steer a respectful debate, to afford you, honored delegates,  equal opportunity to be heard  and to reach meaningful  resolution of the issues at hand. 


The work of the council is needed to protect the rights of everyone, especially when inequalities persist and where many  are marginalized by  reason of their race, status in life, beliefs, or simply because of their dissenting voices or their choices. 


Even in these modern times, marriage choices continue to be among the most difficult societal constructs that brings recluse to many  and to some,  a matter of  life and death.  On the other hand, the media has evolved as an instrument for public opinion and discourse.  Modern societies should raise  choices and self determination as  part of human rights.  


This is an incredible opportunity  to debate the course and  hope for humanity - and to formulate  resolutions that empower everyone to make choices and afford a platform for their voices.  I encourage you to speak with confidence - as you represent the voices of many.

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