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GA2: Economic & Financial Committee

Issues and Reports

  • The question of secure human development in the Sahel Region.

  • The question of development and regulation of the impact of national, regional, and global currencies. 

Head Chair

Nguyen Quoc Hai

GA2 Head.jpg

Honourable directors and chairs, distinguished delegates and esteemed guests,


My name is Nguyen Quoc Hai, and I am a senior at Singapore International School. Economics has been one of the most intriguing subjects during high school, so I am very honoured to be the GA2 Economic & Financial Committee’s Head Chair for the conference in November 2022. This November will be a new opportunity and challenge for me since this is my first time participating in the UNISMUN conference as well as being a chair.


The Economic & Financial Committee is one of the globally impactful committees in the United Nations. It acts as a key role in signifying multilateralism and international cooperation to solve the current global economic issues. Undoubtedly, it will play a part in answering this upcoming conference’s theme - are we capable of finding sustainable solutions to our current sources of insecurity? 


In this committee, we will focus on the question of secure human development in the Sahel region. This is an extremely crucial topic for discussion as the Sahel has been one of the most underdeveloped regions in the world, where poverty, inequality, and insecurity rates have been significant for many years. 


Our second topic will be the question of development and regulation of the impact of the national, regional, and global currencies. Today, entering the supermarkets, we noticed that the price of eggs and meat has increased. The pandemic and the war influenced and destabilised the value of our currencies, causing many countries in the world to face utmost macroeconomic pressure.


This November, the chairs and delegates will be put into a challenging environment to handle these two critical topics, so as a final remark, I encourage you to express all of your viewpoints and not to be afraid of making mistakes so that we will have a fantastic November conference.

Deputy Chair

Annie Jang

GA2 Deputy.png

Procedural Chair

Duy Anh Dao

GA2 Procedural.jpg

Greetings, my name is Duy Anh Dao, and I am delighted to extend my sincerest regards to the distinguished directors, delegates, and chairs who make up the MUN.


As a newcomer to this prominent community, I am fortunate to receive this unique opportunity to broaden my horizon and utilise my skills in a practical setting. While conventional education supplied me with a wealth of information, I believe that a holistic learner must be able to transform and adapt this precious resource into meaningful judgments. I've joined UNIS MUN as a self-imposed challenge to evaluate my current knowledge of history, governance, and economics and its effectiveness in solving concurrent national and international crises. I eagerly anticipate the forthcoming conferences as the procedural chair of the economic and financial committee. 


The GA2 committees will be reviewing the issue of human development in the Sahel region as our first topic. The question of resource allocation is critical in this area, which is known for its arid, barren, and rock-strewn environment. Bordering the Sahara desert, its inhabitants endure a lack of access to quality education, gender inequality, high crime rates, and dependency on foreign aid. As prior efforts to stabilise the Sahel have been fruitless, we must reevaluate our approach to foreign aid.


The second issue we will be addressing is the development and regulation of all forms of currencies. With the recent global events of the Ukraine-Russia war, the price of formerly inelastic commodities like oil has surged. Living costs have risen globally, a problem that will persist as the conflict develops. While the inflation of physical currencies largely remains a concern, the significance of digital currencies in our modern society has yet to be established. Lacking oversight and regulations, this potentially valuable invention can prove to be beneficial to our global community.


This November, I hope that these significant issues will be discussed and resolved. I look forward to meeting you all!

Greetings and welcome, honorable chairs, esteemed directors, and distinguished delegates to the 2022 UNISMUN November Conference! 


My name is Annie Jang, currently a junior at United Nations International School Hanoi. I am more than delighted and honored to share that I will be serving as the Deputy Chair of the GA2 Economic & Financial Committee. This is my second year participating in MUN, having experienced as both a delegate and a head chair in 2021. 

GA2 has the fundamental objective of preserving financial stability and promoting the sustainable development of nation-states worldwide. With that being said, the first topic of debate deals with human development in the Sahel Region. As most of the countries in this region have been facing devastating poverty, lack of education, and prevalent voice, for years, it is both crucial and significant for us to approach the issue from various perspectives.

The second issue concerns the development and regulation of the impact of national, regional, and global currencies. The exacerbation of recent global issues, such as the COVID-19 Pandemic as well as the Russian-Ukrainian War, has rendered the value of our currencies to destabilize. Therefore, addressing this issue at our November Conference will provide a better approach to bringing global security. 

As the deputy chair, I would like to first thank all delegates for participating in the Conference. I hope each and every delegate in our committee actively engages in the debate, thinking critically, sharing any and all ideas with their fellow delegates, and developing their insights. I look forward to seeing fruitful debates!

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