Culture and Heritage Protection | 16 - 18 April 2021

Welcome from our Secretary General & President of the General Assembly

Esteemed Delegates, Chairs, Directors and Admin Staff of UNIS MUN XII,


The UNIS MUN Secretary General, Harrison Wallace, and President of the General Assembly, Didi Bullard, would like to formally welcome you to the twelfth annual session of the UNIS MUN International Conference. We are pleased to announce that we have maintained last year’s theme of Cultural and Heritage Protection while simultaneously adding exciting new committees, such as the Reform Security Council, SDG Committees and the International Criminal Court. 

Every year, the United Nations International School of Hanoi provides a venue for students from all over the world to collaborate and find pragmatic, peaceful propositions to real world issues. This year, we are extremely fortunate to have an open campus and we hope that it will remain so by our conference dates. As such, we hope that we can all take advantage of this opportunity and engage in passionate, intellectual and constructive debates. 


Model United Nations is an amazing opportunity to extend your critical thinking and collaborative skills. While we always encourage delegates to properly reflect the values and ideals of their respective country, it is equally paramount to be capable of accepting suggestions and feedback from other delegates. This will enable delegates to create the most prosperous resolutions and get the most out of the conference.  It is our hope that after the three day conference has elapsed, you will find that your stance on severe global issues have evolved and that you are now more capable of both engaging in intellectual dialects and defending your beliefs. Specifically, in keeping with this year’s theme, we hope you’re able to develop an understanding of the importance of cultural and heritage protection in an ever urbanising world. For further information regarding this year’s conference, we would like to redirect you to our website: mun.unishanoi.org, where you can find all the relevant information. 


For the past few months, the directors, student officers and admin staff have been working diligently to gift delegates and chairs with the best possible MUN experience. It is our hope that this conference will not just be informative, but also a positive experience for all who attend. 


Good luck and see you soon.


Harrison Wallace - Secretary General

Didi Bullard - President of the General Assembly

(+ 84) 24 7300 4500

G9 Ciputra, Tay Ho, Hanoi, Vietnam


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